From time to time I ask questions via the way of Instagram stories on you guessed it…… Instagram. Some of them were very simple question, some could’ve done with some more detail. So here’s the detail on YouTube As always feel free to shoot me any questions you may have? As for the thumbnail pic […]

We’re back into with some trips and get togethers. It’s been an odd year and a very odd year to try plan things that require people hanging out. Anyway to the details of this trip, I’m keeping the whole school holidays window open so we can hopefully get some decent conditions. I’ve detailed it all […]

Short and sweet there’s been a traction update to the Slipeezy. Same laminated marine ply, fomrica and composite laid up board but some new colours and options. Check the video below. As I work away through 2020 we’ll see some one offs and very limited colour options of formica and traction as I clear stock […]