$1 Reserve Auctions on Trademe

Some of you Trademe fiends may have noticed a couple of OXS $1 reserves lately (under username spunit2nd). If you haven’t then don’t sweat it, there’s more coming.

Due to it being late in the season and wanting to clear some stock I’m listing some items as $1 reserves so you’re all but guaranteed a deal. As is stands right now there’s a brand new slipeezy, E-glass wave skim and even a 20ft Banshee Bungee.

I will keep this post updated with the items for sale as I plan to do a few more and will keep the OXS facebook updated with what’s hot.

Get in while this lasts as it won’t go on forever.

*Update 13/3/12  Crabba going cheap

*UPDATE 22/3/12  These will be the last $1 reserves possibly forever.

E-carbon wave skim. Super nice board. Strong, light and looks good. Brand new.

Slipeezy brand new, looks sick. Everything you can expect from a slipeezy.



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