So you’re in the Bay of Islands and looking for something to do? I hear you.

Paihia Dive located on Williams Road (the main, one way street in the middle of Paihia) now has a few boards in stock.

They’re stocking the Gromlins which are the perfect Summer beach toy, they won’t break the bank and provide you with unlimited amounts of fun.

Great little shop to pick up your skimboarding and Summer beach and diving needs.

See you at the beach


Yes we will get you your skimboard on time for Christmas and by “we” I mean me. This one man operation is fully underway and as usual I try to work on a system of getting your Christmas gift to you yesterday.

This is me.

At the time of writing (7/12) we still have plenty of time to get you Christmas tree stacked. The Post will give me an indication several days out an have guaranteed dates which I will refresh this article with when I have them.

If in doubt feel free to shoot me an email and if you are in the process of buying then keep your email handy. I can still squeeze customs in for a few more days yet.

Shop boards as usual here

See you at the beach!


From time to time I ask questions via the way of Instagram stories on you guessed it…… Instagram.

Some of them were very simple question, some could’ve done with some more detail.

So here’s the detail on YouTube

As always feel free to shoot me any questions you may have?

As for the thumbnail pic

This was shot in the glory days of flatland skimboarding, at night, in an artificial skim pit, on a golf course.

See you at the beach!


We’re back into with some trips and get togethers. It’s been an odd year and a very odd year to try plan things that require people hanging out.

Anyway to the details of this trip, I’m keeping the whole school holidays window open so we can hopefully get some decent conditions. I’ve detailed it all in the video here

The Facebook event page can be found here. I will be keeping this updated with dates, times and places rather than contacting people directly so if you’re looking to come then stay tuned there.

Short and sweet there’s been a traction update to the Slipeezy. Same laminated marine ply, fomrica and composite laid up board but some new colours and options. Check the video below.

As I work away through 2020 we’ll see some one offs and very limited colour options of formica and traction as I clear stock and move forward.

Here’s a video from the weekend when I jumped on my brand new Slipeezy and had a very rusty session on a rail

As always boards are ready to purchase

See you at the beach!


It’s a bold claim of a bold places but now that it’s out there (again) it’s time to detail the place.

Cape Maria Van Diemen is Cape Reinga’s little cousin. It’s not as popular or as easy to access but boy oh boy. Let’s go. Watch the video below

This is a proper skim mission. This isn’t a walk in the (everyday people’s) park. This is a skim park and the scenery is out of this world.

First planned dates are the weekend of 21-22 March, accommodation is sorted about 45 mins from the carpark and the Faceboook event page is here.

Hopefully those pics can help get you keen on driving for hours, walking miles, skimming some great skim and hanging out with some awesome people.

Any questions feel free to get in touch or ask way via the event page.

See you at the beach!


It’s been a little while since I planned anything but here I am again, planning something.

The weekend of 22-23 Feb is a weekend for skimboarding at Pataua. I will be bringing spare boards and a winch. Here is the details in video form

This will only be going ahead if conditions look worthy of running and the weekend after is set aside if conditions don’t look good.

Accommodation if you’re choosing to stay may be at the Rec centre on the northern side or campground on the southern side. I will need people confirmed very soon to book the rec centre.

Facebook event page is here

Last time I was there we had a bad tide and got there at 5:30am on a Sunday to squeeze in a few runs and pics.

Any question don’t hesitate to contact me or post on the event page.

See you at the beach!


With Summer fast approaching….. Or already here depending on how your weather has been, it’s time to get this party started.

As much as I love the party here in NZ it’s time to spread some of the love into Australia. Again. Let’s save the reading and leave it for the viewing below

Keeping transactions simple, pretty much every listed item on the online store (which isn’t set up for Australian customers yet) will be an additional $50NZ for freight on a 2-6 business day post. This makes for a quick and pretty affordable package sent to your door!

I’ve made a few trips across the ditch several years ago. One a generic Flatland trip, one for the Frankston Skim Series and one for Skimdulgence. I would love to see Australian skimboarding get a much needed boost but I think that’s a story for another day.

You can send inquiries to

See you at the beach


Excusing my forced pun of a title I have been working hard on this model for some time now. I have always loved the Flave model. Not the best at any singular thing but bloody good at being bloody good at everything. Get it?

The latest incarnation of the board is all new. A deepened Swallow tail and full foam construction this one is made for the lighter rider in the waves. I’ve noticed a gradual rise in interest from the Groms and OXS has never really had the perfect board for them, now we do!

Although I’m starting slowly with the release these will be available in a variety of sizes as stated on individual items on the shop.

On the shop note, you can click here to view items.

See you at the beach.


Some of you my know and a lot of you don’t but OXS Skimboards, as well as the other branding side OXS Enterprises is now located in Opua, Bay of Islands.

It’s business as usual with custom orders and Summer now over I figure it’s a great time to get it together and work out what’s coming next.

Cape Maria Van Dieman skim


I’ve visited Cape Maria Van Dieman (close to Cape Reinga) a couple of times recently and it’s safe to say it’s one of the better places to wave skim in the country. Here’s the last trip on Easter weekend.

We haven’t managed to get any great film yet but I can tell you the waves pack a punch!

As for customs, here is the latest build and video detailing what goes on when you order

So yeah that’s it. A new location for the business and new spots to skim!

See you at the beach!


Need a skimboard and don’t know what to get? The Gromlin line is perfect for beginners and advanced skimmers alike. In over 10 years of OXS being in business the Gromlin has always been a solid staple of our line up. It has never really outsold another model but been pretty consistent, until this Summer.

This Summer there is a heck of a lot of these floating about with every imaginable traction option out there.

I don’t know why but here is a new colour

New Red Gromlin

If you’re reading this you probably know you can shop online here.

See you at the beach!


The last time I went to the Lakes was about 20 years ago. Actually. I barely remember it but the campground did have trees and I wasn’t skimboarding.

Fast forward to 2018 and I’ve had my eyes on Kai Iwi Lakes as a skim destination for a little while… With really no idea what it was like. A plan was hatched and 4 of us (3 skimmers) arrived on the Friday with 2 action packed days planned.

Up early Saturday to discover we wouldn’t be skimming the Lakes due to the water level. According to the Ranger it needs to be drought conditions for it to recede enough for what we’re after. Noted. We did have the winch though aaaaand a Lighthouse to find. An epic day ensued, watch it below

Sunday the plan was to see if Kieran could land something off the old wharf (or whatever it is) on his wakeboard then we were off to hopefully hit some flatland as I’d carried a rail the whole way. Find out what happened in the video below

Cheers to the guys who came, it was bloody good to shake the rust off.

A few pics from the trip

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“I’ve been looking at your boards online and I’m not sure what one to buy?”

This is asked a lot more often than even I thought so here’s a video to help you with exactly that

If you are looking for a board then get along to the online shop. Don’t hesitate to get n touch with any questions you may have!

See you at the beach!


Finding a skimboard suited to a go everywhere and ride everything style can be tricky.


















Tricky but not impossible. We have had such a product for a few years now and it has been more popular than thought. I put this down to a lot of people wanting to do a bit of everything rather than focus on one style of skimboarding. Find all the board details in the video below

Anyway you can buy them via the online store as I can keep them on there.

See you at the beach!



It’s a long road to building the perfect skimboard. Am I claiming to make the perfect skimboard? No. I just like how that sounded.













Anyway I started making wave skims in 2011 and they were good, not great. I’ve made a lot of revisions over the last year and they are coming out light, strong and cleeeean. All the details are in the video below.

So there you go, clean and simple. A lot goes into churning these out so you can enjoy them.

Need one? Shop here!

Enjoy ūüôā

See you at the beach!
















I tried to cover every base here in this video about sponsorships. In short, to all those people who think being sponsored is the raddest thing ever… Step your game up. Way, way up. It’s all below

Hopefully it’s all there and in case you’re wondering. No I/we are not looking to sponsor anyone at the moment.

See you at the beach!


Enter your shocked reaction that you didn’t even know this was on.

Now that that’s out of the way I basically left Instagram likes be the decider. As much as I would love to fill you with all the details in written form, I wouldn’t have had to make this video. All the info can be found below

Congratulations to Jack Wicks for winning with this photo

Winner pic blog





















As mentioned previously the winner gets a full custom order and some other goodies. Jack your full custom order will be underway shortly!

A honourable mention goes to Seb Judd for videos. Seb produces a lot of content and is a talented rider so check the rest of his channel for videos.

That’s it for now, please keep sending in your pics and I will keep sending out the goodies.

See you at the beach!


I like competition, I like summer and I like photos. So it’s time for a summer photo competition. I’ll spare the dribble and watch the video below

As mentioned the competition will be judged on the actual quality of the image, skill level and fun factor. Pretty simple.

You can enter by email

Post them to our Facebook page

Use the hashtag #oxsphotocomp and follow us on Instagram

Add them to the NZSASS group on Facebook










I will be keeping you updated over the course of summer with plenty of giveaways happening alllll the time.

Get out there and get snapping.

See you at the beach.










Parents buying a skimboard for their kids is probably the most common board sales there is.

This video is just to help you guys makes an informed decision about what you should be buying

As always feel free to fire any more questions my way.

See you at the beach!


I love skimboarding! I love talking about it and capturing it. Most of all I love doing it.

Chelt 2 blog

Incredible right? Probably not considering I do this for a job ha.

Anyway with our huge media push over the last couple of years, here is the second episode of the Adventure NZ Podcast which is all about skimboarding in this country.

Here’s the downloadable audio

So what do you reckon?

See you at the beach.


Massacre blog thumb








The massacre series is my favourite long running skim series. That’s a big claim but seeing it’s the only one I know of then it’s not really surprising ha.

We filmed the latest one in about a hour and a half, post surf on a beautifully frosty day. Check it below.

Remember the first one ever? Probably not, so here it is on the old channel

See you at the beach!


Remember last Winter when we threw together some clips about winching?

Winch thumb blog












If you don’t then check this Minute Massacre below

Well the short story is that’s it’s been a very long slow process but the new one is now running. I haven’t put together anything official yet as we’re still tinkering but the build has been covered a fair bit on OXS TV. Here is the first test run in a vlog

Standard features are

-Composite frame (light and rust proof)

-6.5hp motor

-200m rope

-Torque convertor

These will be retailing for around the $2950 mark incl nationwide freight. Shock horror to those who think they can be made for $23.50.

Here’s the video with my favourite action shot so far

Stay tuned for the updates!

Josh blog






















See you at the beach



Adam Drone Kaitoke resize












It’s that time of year we the dates get set for the greatest trip of the year!















Great Barrier Island April 19th – 24th (or the 26th if you wish). I can harp on with all the details or you can watch the video below



Here’s also a clip from a few months ago which is up there with the best afternoon ever



You know the drill, if you’re interested in coming then feel free to get in touch! If you would like an idea on how last years trip went down then you can find the playlist here.

See you at the beach!


Memory rock site














When you think of celebrating New Years what do you think of?

Probably a festival or two with loud music? Maybe a roadtrip?

Huketere Sunset resize









What about some skimboarding mixed with surfing, spearfishing, sharks and adventures?

That is what we did and as always the cameras were rolling almost the whole time.

With some fantastic conditions experienced with Far North wave skim in recent times it sadly wasn’t a year for this but we did score some really nice flatland as seen in the massacre here.

The surf was also on the flatter side but with plenty of the Northland treats on offer we weren’t disappointed. We managed to get to Cape Reinga as well as North Cape where we had a swim with some small sharks, TePaki sand dunes and of course 90 Mile Beach! Find it all in the 10 minute wrap up below!

If you like the footage and wish to see it more in depth and as it happens then check all the daily vlogs on our Second YouTube channel OXS TV here.

Mike resize








Like any trip away it was a blast and I’m already lining up the next few trips!

See you at the beach!



Traction is easy. It’s easy to apply. It’s easy to use and it should be easy to pick your set up.


Pad and arch shop












I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how it’s not so easy, so here’s the answers.



Get your traction online here. Pick your board and your set up!


Traction thumb







Keeping it relatively simple ūüôā

See you at the beach.



Besides all the usual cool things about Summer like skim, sand, beaches, surfing, skim, prickles, jandals, bikinis and skim, you know what else is cool?

download (1)







Sharks! Really big ones.

To keep it brief as possible I will be hitting the deep South March 1st – 6th (approx) to explore the coast and finish it off with the Stewart Island Shark Cage Dive! Peep the video details below

This has been on my hit list for a few years now so if it sounds like a bit of you then feel free to get in touch! Maybe you’re a Southland skimmer who wants to have a jam?

If yes then you should definitely get in touch! It’s going to to be a great little adventure.












See you at the beahch!


Tugging in the waves.Still001

Do you want to add a little bit of your own touch to your new board? Colours? Lay up? Some tweeeaks?

Custom Tom.Still002







Tom did and here is the build!

We’ve documented board builds here a little bit before but here is the latest with a tasty carbon inlay. Suited for someone who likes their whip stiff!

Of course you can find more board builds by scrolling our YouTube channel here.

Custom Tom.Still003







As always we have plenty of options on the online store.

See you at the beach!


OXS Enterprise plain transparent sunset jpg


What does Summer have in store for you? Beaches? Work? Maybe something exciting like picking up a skimboard and learning?

Gromlin Thumb site











Yes is the above answer and the Gromlin is the board you should be learning on.

Made with the beginner in mind, the Gromlin offers maximum distance and surface area at an affordable cost.

Red Gromlin shop













Find all the specs in the video below

Starting at $99 we have you covered this Summer. SHOP HERE.

Purp Gromlin store













Find out what we’re up to by subscribing to our main channel and OXS TV.


See you at the beach!



Have you been to Waiheke?

I have. It took a few years but I finally got there. Do you know what is at Waiheke?

Boards web







Among other things there’s a fine little surf store named Out There Surf & Skate, located at 21 Belgium Street, Ostend.

Shop web







Aside from all the usual surf store items they are one of the few stores who like to stock top of the line skimboards. Details are below.

We spent a few days over there cruising about and filming which you can find the more detailed blog post on the New Zealand Skimboarding Association site HERE. If you are on the island then be sure to swing by and see Richard and the team.

I, of course will see you at the beach!

Lets talk sponsors.Still001








Do you like skimboards that perform well? Something you can smash rails on? Boost the shoreline? Maybe you need a board that is super durable and can take a beating?


Quiver resize site












Then the Slipeezy is the board for you! This model was what started it all back in 2008 and with about a thousand revisions since, you get the current days product.

Forget me waffling on, just watch the video below.


Of course you can find the full line up on the online store, pick up in person or harass your local surf and skate store to stock them!

Prices start at $199 delivered nationwide.

My pick is this one

Yeloow SLip store












Find out all the clips and how they perform by browsing both our main YouTube channel and OXS TV for content as it happens!


Sam selfie site







See you at the beach!

OXS Enterprise plain transparent sunset jpg








This here multi faceted business is slowly growing and to cut a long story short, we are looking at giving (or continuing) someone a glorious birth into the workforce!

Find the latest NZSASS Newsletter for the details

The job entails a fair amount of contract work for myself and a local lawn contractor. It’s not just skimboarding or hanging out in a dusty shed all day (whatever you may be picturing).

I also discuss it a little more here

For those of you who may be interested, send us an email. Use some initiative and tell us why we should hire you!

Newsletter #16.Still004







See you at the beach!


Tugging in the waves.Still001


Summer is sneaking up on us (as per usual) and we’re kicking it off this weekend at Wenderholm!

SkimboardingComp 2015 v4











This is a charity event run by some students from Kristin school to raise funds for the Wave For Water Charity.

Instead of detailing it all in writing you can find the details in video form below.

$5 entry fee gets you a free snarler and a great day! Don’t hesitate to bring a few extra bucks for a great cause!








Kick off is 2:30pm this Sunday!

Minute Massacre Wenderholm.Still003







See you there.


Right! Now that I have your attention, it’s time to get a few ideas out there!

Firstly, what is it that you guys like to see? Straight action? Information? Outstanding insights into the way the world works?








I don’t think you’ll see that last one here but I have been making a huge push over the last year and a bit to provide very regular, consistent content. Basically my attitude has been seeing it’s so difficult to get people to come skimboarding so I’ll just show them.

I’ve been through many stages and thought processes of how I want it to be viewed. How people can receive it and how I can put it out there. ¬†As you may or may not know, I wouldn’t say I’m a terribly polished individual. The easiest way I can describe all that is, I simply want to make content that doesn’t suck!

So did that suck?

That’s basically what I want to know. The content we’re seeing is not solely skimboarding, as that is very, very difficult to put out but I feel there’s a great mix.

2 Minute noodle.Still003







This here blog will be increasing in activity from now on so stay tuned for the updates. My writing should hopefully improve too. Of course you can subscribe to both the channels. The main one which has the more highly polished edits which you can find by clicking here. Aaaand OXS TV, where we go swimming with dolphins and boring stuff like that. All the adventures are here. I would love to be making more videos with some really nice skimming in them but NZ seems to be lacking heavily in the talent department.

Hopefully will see you at the beach!

Lets talk sponsors.Still001








It’s that time of the month again.

Newsletter time, albeit a little late with this post!

Newsletter #21 Thumb







The seasons are almost set to change and with that comes Spring then of course Summer!

And with Summer comes lots of planning! Find it all out below!

Want to have your say? The feel free to chime in with what you would like to see.









You can find the main YouTube channel by clicking here and the second channel (OXS TV) here.

As always I will see you at the beach!

Sam selfie site








There once was a time when skimboarding was booming.

Minute Massacre Wenderholm.Still002











There was a great Flatland scene and solid, consistent media was being put out.

A small series we started called the “Minute Massacre” was a great platform to show off a fun, action packed minute. Why just a minute?

I really don’t know, but The Massacre is back!

With the addition of drones, winches and some really keen young skimmers this is hopefully the start of something good!

Here’s the full days action.

Subscribe to both OXS Enterprises and OXS TV on YouTube!

Minute Massacre Wenderholm.Still003











See you at the beach!



PS I’m still fishing for independent people who can help with bringing riding skills or camera knowledge to the game so if that’s you or you know of someone then let me know!

OXS Enterprise plain transparent sunset jpg







The scene is made up of those things but the latest NZSASS newsletter is really to focus on the first one there. Who!

Newsletter #20 thumb







It’s the people that make a scene so find the newsletter below and see some of the people that make up the scene.












There’s also a video with the full Winter Chill day below.

Cheers to all those for making the effort.

Subscribe to the main YouTube channel here¬†and OXS TV here¬†for all the action. There’s a whoooooole heap of exciting things happening!

Tugging in the waves.Still001







See you at the beach!

-Sam Price

OXS Enterprise plain transparent sunset jpg

A winter event on a Sunday? Yes that’s it!

Wenderholm event poster











For those of you who attend events, you know the drill. Will have multiple rails to use, some good for beginners, some for the more advanced. Giveaways from us as well as the NZSASS.

Wenderholm is located by the end of the northern motorway. Either go through the tunnels and swing a U-turn or take the Orewa off ramp if you’re coming from the south. You can find it on Google.

Wenderholm is the best flatland spot in the greater Auckland area with a couple of large clean pools and a huge tide duration perfect for flatland skimboarding.

$2 woppers.Still001







These are the events designed for you reading this! Welcoming to all levels of skimmers, young and old, girls and guys, everyone’s welcome! Free coaching on the day so you’re bound to learn a thing or two!

I will be filming all day so if anyone would like to be directly featured on the Youtube channel then just let me know. Will have the drone in the air getting those extra crispy shots!

A hot lunch will be provided for those in attendance.

Check the latest video from there

Facebook event page is here.

Alcohol and drug free!

Hopefully see a few of you there!

$2 woppers.Still002








Do you have skim media? Photos? Videos? Advice, opinions or info? Then we’d love to hear from you!

Newsletter #19 Thumbnail







The latest NZSASS¬†newsletter is packed full of details regarding what’s been happening, what is happening and what’s going to happen. Find it below!

So if you have anything captured on film or the digital world then we’d love to see it! Contact details are in the video or just fire an email to this site!

Here’s a photo submission









There’s multiple ways via social media that work as well so there you go!








Submit it if you have it. Go capture it, then submit it if you don’t!

As mentioned in the video you can subscribe to the main channel here and the second vlog/behind the scenes channel here.

See you at the beach



On a side note this submission came in as I was writing this up!

The options are varied and certainly open for improvising in the future.

Top 5.Still003







I find formats like this quite informative and fun to film, plus there’s a great few options for all you flatland skimmers out there if you’re wondering what to throw next!

Top 5.Still002







The Cheltenham Top 5 filmed with the groms.

Subscribe to the channel here.

With a slightly new channel direction we will be pumping all the vlogs and extras through the second channel now called OXS TV. You can find it here!

Top 5.Still001







See you at the beach!


Big claims in the latest newsletter but in terms of consistency, variety and overall quality of both waves and flatland skim the barrier is King!

NZSASSS Newsletter #18 Thumb







Find out the specs in the video newsletter below

Find the full barrier playlist here.

NZSASS #18.Still002







Don’t hold back, feel free to share your thoughts with us!

GBI Day 2 Full.Still002







See you at the beach!

Sam selfie site








Great Barrier Island huh!? Have you been there? We have and it’s one of the most beautiful, relaxing (if that’s your thing), underrated, and special places in New Zealand!

Memory rock site













The skim is well…….. Probably the best of any area in New Zealand. Perfect flatland skim is available on both sides of the island and several options for fantastic wave skim on the east side.

It’s so good that I could write a novel about it… But I won’t. Simply because we made daily (vlog style) videos from the trip. They’re a little longer than your standard skim video but think of it like a small TV series showcasing you the trip and what it’s like. The sights, the people, the food :), the laughs and of course the skim!









Sit back and peep the videos below

I’ll be piecing together a video shortly with the best clips and full action so stay tuned for that by subscribing to the channel!









Get ready for next year.

See you at the beach

Sam selfie site









Newsletter #17 Thumbnail







Here it is again! Although this website post is a little late, the newsletter was up on time which I’m sure you already know seeing you’ve subscribed to the channel!?

The future of Skimboarding and why you should be part of it!

As always feel free to lend your feedback and I’ll see you at Langs April 25th for Langs Jam

Newsletter #17.Still003







See you at the beach!

Newsletter #17.Still001








Come join us on Anzac day at Langs beach for Langs Jam.

Langs Jam 2015 site


















We will also be celebrating our 7th Birthday!

Facebook event page here.

What can you expect at the event?






















-Demo boards

-New friends











Find the video announcement here

As mentioned we will be staying the weekend at one of the various campgrounds there (most probably Waipu) so if you would like to join us you are more than welcome!

Additional support from Morris Surfboards NZ and Sticky Johnson Surf Wax

Details will be updated as we go!

*14/4 I have just realised this is a three day weekend thanks to changes in our Public Holiday system! Three day skim weekend anyone?

See you there!















Once in Twenty year swell was term thrown around for Cyclone Pam. I wouldn’t have said it was quite that but she certainly flexed her muscles and unleashed on the East coast!

Pam Thumbnail Youtube







We actually experimented with a GoPro mount mount for the first time and check the boat step off at 1:42. We’re certainly working on some really rad things for the future!

Joy was brought to much of New Zealand but it wasn’t the case for Vanuatu. As mentioned in the video you can find all donation links to the cause below:


World Vision

Red Cross


Child Fund

Want to keep up with what’s coming up? Then subscribe to the channel!

See you at the beach!


Never having been much a Bay Of Plenty traveler in recent years (thanks to Northland) it was time to embark on another skim mission.

As has been covered in various wordings and videos leading up to the point, it was time to get on the road and go explore. First up was Mount Maunganui where I was very impressed with the quality of wave skim found right at the main beach!














I will keep the reading short as the video recap certainly covers more than enough! Six videos in total with four being vlogs and two being drone videos!

On a side note how does Queens Birthday weekend at the mount sound to you!? Trying to round up the troops.









See you at the beach!


Is it getting cold yet? Naaaaaa not really.

Newsletter #16.Still003







Now with it being Autumn we can expect to see the temperatures start to slowly drop but this is a brilliant time of the year. Why? Plenty of East Coast swell activity, warm clear waters and mainly decent weather!

Newsletter Eastern Thumbnail







Can’t complain with that and I can’t complain with the turn out at the recent Eastern Gold event. Check the video recap in the latest newsletter!

Keep and eye out for upcoming events as mentioned in the newsletter.

Newsletter #16.Still004







See you at the beach.


So here is the shortest notice for an event ever!

Eastern Gold site resize


















In all my Summer rush/ being away and upcoming trips this very late drop of March 7th for Eastern Gold is the only weekend I can fit it in!

For those of you who attend events, you know the drill. Will have multiple rails to use, some good for beginners, some for the more advanced. Giveaways from us as well as the NZSASS.

Where is Eastern beach I hear you ask? East Auckland be thy location, Bucklands beach, Howick is the general direction but seeing we all know what Google is then I could suggest a quick Google maps search will direct you how to get there (at least more accurately than I can)!











These are the events designed for you reading this! Welcoming to all levels of skimmers, young and old, girls and guys, everyone’s welcome! Free coaching on the day so you’re bound to learn a thing or two!

I will be filming all day so if anyone would like to be directly featured on the Youtube channel then just let me know. Will have the drone in the air getting those extra crispy shots!










Facebook event page is here. Will be updating that with details as the week progresses.

Here is a video from last year:


Alcohol and drug free!

Hopefully see a few of you there!


In the hunt for a new board? Maybe another board? Maybe you can’t get together the full (normal) purchase price?

Sale Thumbnail







Well look no further than the clearance section on the online store! I can bore you with the details or you can just check the video out below!

As usual all items are brand new unless stated otherwise. We may have some “seconds” listed shortly.

Click here to go straight to the store!

See you at the beach!

– Sam

If you’ve been following us or anything via social media, this site or the NZSASS site¬†you may have noticed a bit of roadtrip in the works!?

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If you haven’t then here is the latest newsletter in all its detailed glory!

Yes the trip is going to be a little flexible so can’t fill you in on the exact details as I don’t know them but feel free to give me a bell on 0211297511 if you’re keen to meet up on either trips!

Hopefully see you at the beach!

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Eyegasm, visual stimulation, beautiful. Just some of the words used to describe the latest video.










Drone shots coupled with some skimboarding, in New Zealand, in the summer time!

Check what the little phantom has captured recently!


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See you at the beach!


Yes it’s roadtrip time! Where to? Well as it stands now it’s a BOP coast mission, around East Cape and onwards to Napier.













Or that could all be in reverse, weather depending. This is a just a bit of a warning for all those down in that part of the country.

I would love to be able to go into detail but the truth is I’m not too sure yet. This ¬†is purely a skim trip with finding some dope wave skim spots the #1. I’m basically on standby from Monday 16th to hit the road and go hunting. I will be by myself (as it currently stands) so would be more than keen to meet up with a few of you skimmers!

Cover website





More and clearer (hopefully) details will be dropped in the NZSASS newsletter this Sunday so that may answer a few questions.

If you or anyone would like to meet up, join in, or help me out in any way then please be my guest. I will be travelling with all sorts of goodies so will be hooking up any helping hands along the way.

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Stay tuned for the newsletter and feel free to subscribe to the Youtube channel to get it first!

Hopefully see you at the beach!

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After much debate (not really) it’s time to announce the a new member of the team, Josh Worsley.


Worsley thumbnail








Josh is 12 and his local skim spot is Cheltenham. Over the last year or so he has showed some great skills and commitment by attending events with his parents (something more parents should be doing) and just getting out there and skimming.

Wanting to keep it brief I don’t feel the need to fill you in with all the specifics but one thing I will be doing shortly is a video on “How to NOT get sponsored”.



Welcome to the circus Josh.


A lot like 60 Minutes without the ad breaks and controversy, here is our full Northland trip up north.


Day 6.Still003








We went away with the idea of documenting everything, share some love, show what happens on trips outside of the skim. You can read about it or you can just watch the videos below!

The Adventures Of The Northland Creek Boys as it’s now known. Enjoy!










On a side note, I will be embarking on an East Coast road trip in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled for details very soon!

See you at the beach!


As a bit of a reminder that yes! It is Summer. Here’s is the latest Newsletter from the New Zealand Skimboarding Association.


Newsletter 14 thumbnail








Pretty much just a who, what, when, how of what’s coming up. Keep your eyes peeled for event info coming out shortly!



See you at the beach!


We did it! Slugged through another year, limited injuries, plenty of skim and the usual Christmas rush.








Bit of a Boxing Day grind to get up a brief skim forecast for the holiday season which you can see below!


Here is also the latest newsletter from the New Zealand Skimboarding Association which is just a bit of an event recap from Omaha a few week back.


Where ever you are for this holiday season go make the most of it! The weather isn’t looking completely perfect but it is Summer none the less! Look after each other out there, behave responsibly, drive sober and skim hard!

See you in 2015!


Another bit of an insiders guide to what happens here. The ever important logs on the foam boards have evolved along with the boards.

Rice paper thumbnail







Here’s how they’re made and glassed onto the boards!

All printed in house and of course made right here in New Zealand!













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Flip it’s now the official Summer season and 2015 is already winking at us. It’s monthly wrap up time again and here it is.


Wrap up 6 Thumbnail








There’s a few good clips from the Omaha skim pit as well!



Subscribe to the Youtube channel here.


Omaha event poster












Lastly if you didn’t already know, the first Summer event is this Saturday at Omaha (as mentioned in a few of the last videos). Facebook event page is here.


See you at the beach!


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Safety first doesn’t apply when these things come to mind.








Who ever thought these up was clever, clever knowing that people love a good gimmick and that’s exactly what a Surf Skimmer is.

Last Summer I saw one kid using one of these properly (whatever that means) and plenty of parents swinging their kid around by the handlebars. If you want to get your kid into skimming, then I suggest buying them one of these, isn’t the way to go about it. ¬†Skimboarding is dangerous enough without having handles to hold onto as you fall and a bloody hard piece of equipment to kick as you do so.








Anyway here is the video review.

On a side note for anyone looking to learn how to skim (with proper boards) then yes, we run coaching!

Back of flyer Front of flyer













See you at the beach!


Well I don’t know about you lot Omaha has seen some great conditions lately. Some great pools and some fantastic wave skim, we’re just lacking swell pretty much all the time!

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Anyway here is last weekends vlog from Omaha. Some carnage, some tricks, more carnage, even a couple of winch runs.

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Well the Summer hype is here. That means warm water, warm weather (although it’s pretty cool at the moment).

Omaha event poster












Kicking Summer off at Omaha December 6th. Event details are below.

This will be at Omaha Beach (our home) on the 6th of December.

This will be run just as a casual jam format with free coaching during the day. I will be available for coaching bookings.

High tide falls at 8am (yes early, so suck it up) this day which will hopefully allow for some fun wave skim up the northern end of the beach (Success Court access way from sunrise ha) followed up by a shift further south along the beach once the tide drops for a more permanent set up for the afternoon.

As we all know beach conditions will change throughout the day but we’re fingers crossed that we will have a good bank for high tide followed by some shoreline fun with the chance of tidal pools for some Flatland rail fun during the afternoon.

This day is about enjoying the beach, having some fun, plenty of skim, laughs and plenty of giveaways! We will be printing off some Christmas themed NZSASS shirts to giveaway during the day as well as a full range of demo boards from OXS Skimboards, demo surfboards from Morris Surfboards and prizes from Sticky Johnson Surf Wax.

We will also run some free coaching for those who would like some so it’s a great chance for all of those wanting to meet people in the scene and learn a few things.

Everyone’s welcome to turn up early and leave late. I’m sure we can sort some food out for those hanging around later on!

So come along and get involved, bring your friends, family, and skills! It’ll be a cracker of a day!

*Please note this is an alcohol free event. Skimboarding is somewhat dangerous at the best of times so we want to keep casualties to a minimum!

Facebook event page is here.

The new camera is here (Sony HDR PJ540 in case you’re wondering) and boy is it good. Would to follow that up with the video for the death of the old camera.

Big of a flashback to all those old videos.

Want to know what’s coming up? Then check the monthly wrap up below and subscribe to channel.

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Consider it the OG of the OXS line up. The original, the classic, the super performing almost indestructible board. The Slipeezy.

Slipeezy thumbnail







With my love of this model board out of the way, watch the video below to find out what your Slipeezy is packing!

Subscribe to our channel here and be kept fully up to date!

Here’s a picture of my on personal Slipeezy with 330kg of weight on it. I still ride it today! You can read in full about the Cost Of Durability article here.













See you at the beach!


It’s newsssletter time again from the New Zealand Skimboarding Association.








A real conversion of most, if not all content going to video form. Why exactly? Just because most content is now heading to video form, so why not start building a solid platform?

Newsletter #11 has all the info you need for this Summer if you’re speaking events and coaching.

As always let us know what you think and help the platform grow by subscribing to the channel.

See you at the beach


Once again it’s another month over, in what felt about a week! Here is the month in review.


Wrap up 4 thumbnail








If you’ve been watching the channel (subscribe here) you might have noticed a good bit of variety. There won’t just be skimboarding, but plenty of variety. A bit of a ride along with everything i get up to.



As mentioned in the video there’s some clearance items on the store now so feel free to check them out.

Stay tuned as there’s plenty coming!

With Summer knocking on the door and boards starting to get dusted off I figured it’s time to start answering and explaining a lot of the board tech side of things for you guys.


Custom thumbnail








The first instalment ¬†is for a custom Splurge. Quite unique in the sense that it has a formica base. What’s a formica base? Watch the video and find out!



This is the first of the board tech videos so stay tuned, subscribe to the Youtube channel and I will answer all your questions. Hopefully.


Splurge Ai


























Lastly I have a new video camera arriving this week so the video side of things is only getting warmed up!

See you at the beach!


If you’ve been watching any of my videos of late you may have noticed there’s plenty of variety on the channel.¬†The video flow should give you a good idea of what is involved here and in other areas.

One year thumbnail







September 21st was a big day for myself which marked one year of being fully self employed. With the manufacturing of the boards you’re riding (or should be riding) being only part of what I do it’s my overall passion for life that drives me. Skimboarding has given me so much and can only lead to bigger and better things.

Check the video to hopefully get a feel for my passion.

Here’s to skimboarding!


As we’ve been plugging the whole media thing the last couple months it’s time for a real spanner in the works, as they say.








A video newsletter from the land of the New Zealand Skimboarding Association.

Is this the worlds first skimboarding newsletter, ever!? I think it just might be. Setting Standards into future!

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This great read seems to come around quicker each month doesn’t it?

Here is newsletter #9. Check it out here or on the New Zealand Skimboarding Association site.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3








































































You can subscibe to our YouTube channel here.

Chur New Zealand!

How do I apply traction to my board? This is one of the more frequently asked questions when it comes to skimboard set up. Hopefully this video will clear it all up for you!?

It’s up to you to create the pattern or check the already tractioned boards on the shop!¬†We can go full custom but this may come at an additional cost.

With new ideas come new edits. Really going to spark things up in this fine country from now on. Board builds, spot checks, rider interviews, you want it we’ve got it (or working on it)

Here is “A skimboarders guide to Whatipu”

You can also check the monthly wrap up here

And as far as I know we did the worlds first skimboarding forecast last week. Cool huh!

If you feel like getting involved or contributing then get in touch!

After a very solid weekend hitting the flat stuff around Omaha I managed to put together this edit. Flatland 4.

Pretty much having to learn how to edit again but am stoked on it all so you’ll be seeing a very active Youtube channel from now on!

It’s that time of the month again. Grab a cuppa and take a look at the latest newsletter from the New Zealand Skimboarding Association.


Page 1
























Page 2
























Page 3
























Page 4


























Churrr New Zealand.

First of all I’m very pleased to say my filming and editing buzz is alive and kicking again. I’ve started a new¬†Youtube channel¬†and have a bunch of topics I want to cover.

The channel is under the OXS Enterprises name which is the business that controls this here fine company (boring blah blah for most of you). What I will be covering is plenty of skim related topics, fitness and nutrition, NZSASS¬†information, some video “Who is?” from the NZSASS newsletter as well as just general banter so hit it up by¬†subscribing¬†and letting me know what is is you want to see!

After all, this very proud NZ company can only be as good as the information it’s being supplied with!

First video is here


How do you put a price on durability? On performance? How do you justify the cost of boards?

Well firstly I would like to say durability isn’t directly related to how a board performs. Peoples ideas of performance varies but when it comes to a flatland board, durability is vastly made up from what is on the bottom surface of the board.













For most high end manufacturers this material is Formica. What’s formica? Chances are you have some very close to you as you read this on. It covers the majority of kitchens and cabinets so as you could have guessed, it’s very hard wearing.

Our Gromlin line has Formica bottom sheet, Slipeezy line has a top and bottom sheet and the Flave line has a a bottom sheet and some models a top sheet.

20140614_141433 20140614_142504 DCIM100GOPRO







What does this mean for you board? It makes for a highly durable and stiff lay up that’s easy to produce.

At our recent event Winter Chill¬†we ran some testing at the end. I wanted a way to measure the weight it would take to break boards which was a great test for certain boards durability, strength and was good fun to boot! Although I won’t mention the exact other manufacturers names I will say they rhyme with…… Jedrack, Sadjog, figsoot, flictoria and a couple others. We also threw in one of our $90 Gromlins and my personal Slipeezy that has been in use since September 2011.









We pulled up two benches and a bunch of weights from the gym. With no real idea of how much weight was needed to break the boards the first one broke with a pretty miserable 80kg on the middle of the board. This may sound like a lot but when you factor in the stresses that go through a board especially if you even think about hitting a rail or obstacle it isn’t going to stand up to much/anything.













The rest of the other boards broke in the 90kg-160kg mark with the first of the OXS line (the aforementioned $90 Gromlin) breaking with $180kg on it. This is where it started to get fun. Not having several hundred kilos of weights handy to us it was time to just stack willing participants on top of the Slipeezy.

We tapped it out at a pretty remarkable 330kg with us doing a slight bounce on it and it didn’t break! That’s four people and 2 x 20kg plates on the thing. All I really have to say is my board will live to skim another day or hundred.













So there it is, the cost of durability. How do you put on a cost on those numbers? I’ll let you answer that for yourself but the next time you need to ask why certain boards cost more or perform better then have a flick over those numbers!

Hopefully we’ll cover this more in depth at a later date.













You can find the Winter Chill wrap up in the NZSASS newsletter here.

-Sam Price

Explore! The desire to explore this country for skim is burning bright. Check the latest newsletter from the NZSASS.

Great read as always. Check it out here on the NZSASS site.

Now lets go on a skim trip!

Page 1 OXS Page 2 OXS Page 3 OXS Page 4 OXS Page 5 OXS

Definitely a newsletter to cop this month. Wrap up from our latest trip to GBI/Great Barrier Island/The Barrier. Will be doing an annual trip at least here every year from now on.

Page 1 copy Page 2 copy Page 3 copy Page 4 copy Page 5 copy Page 6 copy page 7






































































































































































The island is littered with great skim!

As always get along to the NZSASS site¬†and find out what’s going on.

And for a bit of the social feed, like them on facebook, follow them on Twitter @nzsass and tag your Instagram pictures #nzsass


After a very eventful (excuse the pun) Summer and Autumn as far as events go I was wanting to keep the buzz alive. Meeting a lot of you keen skimmers at events it got me to thinking about how to keep it going?

WInter chill site


















At time of writing it is technically almost Winter so how do you keep the buzz alive? How do you keep the blood pumping and the chill at bay? Why not run an event where you can park at the spot? Cook a bbq, get changed into warm clothes as you please, control skim conditions?

This doesn’t exist I hear you ask. Well actually yes it does. The Omaha skim pit was put in the ground late 2009 and has been there ever since.

To my knowledge it is the only permanent structure of it’s kind anywhere in the world. Yeap you heard right (although I could be wrong). Having seen it’s fair share of event time over the years, it has been lying somewhat dormant for a couple of years.

Until now! June 14th, noon, Omaha skim pit. Located on the Omaha Golf Course, right by the greenkeepers shed on Omaha Drive. Turn left at the main roundabout and it’s about 500m along on your left.

We’ll have a bit of hot food for those in attendance, the usual giveaways and for something a little bit unique we will be running some board testing. We’ll test some board strength and durability through several makes of boards. That means snapping some of the cheap potatoe chip boards which will be up against our usual line up of flatland boards.

Check some old edits of the pit here

Facebook event page is here

Hopefully see a few of you there!

As the title suggest the next in line to reach super stardom from NZ is one of our closest crew, Jason Rust.

Jason resize









 dropped the interview today and it’s a great little read. This can be found by clicking the link here

Stoked to see some of the lads and NZ getting recognised for their efforts! Yes that’s a custom E-carbon Splabba with moon tail he’s riding!

For all you out there on Instagram, follow him @rustyskim

Who’s next?

The grind never stops and the New Zealand Skimboarding Association newsletters are still flowing.

See below the latest newsletter or get along to the NZSASS site and check it out there.

Page 1 copy OXS Page 2 jpg OXS Page 3 OXS








































































We’re off to the barrier Tuesday the 22nd of April. Keep an eye out for the updates!

It’s newsletter from the New Zealand Skimboarding Association time again.

Grab a cuppa and take a read over this. If you’d like to contribute then feel free to get in touch!

Page 1 resize OXS Page 2 resize OXS Page 3 resize OXS Page 4 resize OXS

I’m a very passionate Skim traveler. I love being able to disappear off the radar for a little while and do my thing. It’s even better if others can join haha.

great-barrier-island-map reize


























Once again we’re off to Great Barrier Island. Yes that island, that you probably want to go to but never have.

Offering up plenty of options for both Flatland and Wave skimboarding we’re booked in from 22-27th April.















This is hopefully going to be an annual trip with an open invite to all people, guys or girls, skimboarders or not. Check out the NZSASS website post or the Facebook event page to be kept in the loop and has the full information.

There’s plenty of options to get you over there but thanks to the top people at Sealink¬†who have provided us with a 15% discount we are going via ferry.















So what are you waiting for?


Here we go again skim folk!

After a long wait and many, many sessions here, it’s time for a Langs event.


Langs Jam Flyer resize site


















If you’ve been following us on Facebook¬†or Instagram¬†you would have noticed a fair amount of our footage comes from here. Situated between Mangawhai and Waipu Cove it is roughly a 80 minute drive from Auckland.

Langs has a decent size slope and usually epic conditions as we’ve documented, so we’re fingers crossed that conditions will come to the party for this event (Sunday 6th is reserved in case of weather). What you can and will experience is a variety of slopes and angles with a bunch of keen skimmers.















One thing that is very important is that we will be giving tips/advice/coaching to those of all levels, so everyone should feel welcome to attend. At the worst you’ll learn plenty, meet others and walk away with some free gear!

















Kick off is 10:30am and we will run it until the tide gets too low (I would estimate about 2:30-3pm). We will have a variety of demo boards available so don’t worry if you don’t have one.

As always we’ve got some very kind sponsors on boards from the New Zealand Skimboarding Association, Morris Surfboards, Sticky Johnson Surf Wax and Grunt Winch Company NZ. What can you expect from these guys is a variety of giveaways, some demo surfboards and of course, a winch. Everyone who turns up and gets their stoke on will walk away with a few freebies!

For those of you looking to skim and live it up for the weekend we are looking at spending the weekend at the Ruakaka Motor Camp which is just up the road so if that sounds like you then feel free to get in touch!















See you there!!!!



99 image for store












Nothing’s perfect in this world but our 99 Sale is very close!


Pick up various Wave Skims for $299 incl nationwide postage. There’s even a couple carbon boards there which is a huge saving from $440.


Wave boards cop




















Various “One off’ Slipeezys that will not be done again (unless in Team Model guise), for $199 with traction, nationwide postage and a t-shirt!


One off store










We will be going over some stock so you will see some boards from the Gromlin range up there very shortly for $99 as well as some clothing.


So what are you waiting for? Get along to our online store¬†and snag yourself some bargains while it’s still Summer. Word is this warm weather is going to carry on for some time yet!


Store shot
















Any international queries can be sent to


As always, we’re here for stoke spreading. Being tied in with the New Zealand Skimboarding Association¬†makes for all kind of stoke spreading possible.

Here is the latest bit of stoke. For you to spread!


Page 1 for NZSASS Page 2 for NZSASS Page 3 for NZSASS Page 4 for NZSASS































































































Or check out the newsletter and get the download from the website.


Make sure to give the NZSASS a like on Facebook by clicking here!

Instagram file news post


















Do you like skimboarding?

Do you want to have fun?

Do you want to meet other fun seeking individuals who also like skimboarding?


Then get along to Eastern beach on March the 1st at 12pm. We’ll be there with rails, demo boards, free coaching, plenty of giveways and even more enthusiasm! The day will consist of a jam format with some small rails for those wanting to give it a crack up to some larger ones for the more experienced. Standard event time will run until 3pm when we’ll dish out some giveaways for those who are frothing!


Giveaways will range from shirts and singlets from both OXS and the New Zealand Skimboarding Association. A few hoodies and we’ll even do a lucky draw for a board if the attendance is good!















For those of you who don’t know, Eastern is located in the Bucklands Beach area in East Auckland. The beach is super flat and offers up huge tidal pools which as you would know, make for excellent Flatland skim!















What do I need to bring I hear you ask? Bring plenty of water and sunblock. If it’s a beaut day you’ll need it! Food if you’re hungry. Your skills and of course a good attitude that will add to the event! If you would like some coaching then feel free to ask!

These events are really about meeting others who skim and learning a few things.















Facebook event page can be found by clicking here.

Hope to see you all there!



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Continuing on my own personal pursuit for world domination and Skimboarding getting the credit it truly deserves we now offer lessons to all abilities.















I pride myself on giving everyone a superbly well rounded skimboard company that can offer up something for everyone so lessons can be run on a private basis, groups, flat, waves, pretty much anything you can think of.

I’m fairly well experienced in all aspects of skimboarding having attended events in Australia and as far afield as America and Canada! Lessons will cover topics such as board set up and choice all the way through to advanced lessons in the waves or on the rails.















Lessons start from as little as $30 for a one hour private lesson or $20pp for a group booking.

These prices are for the lesson to be conducted at Omaha Beach which is where we’re based but with so many variables and possible spots you only have to ask to see what can be done for you! I’m more than happy to travel pretty much anywhere!


Back of flyer Front of flyer






















Like everything else we offer here all you have to do is drop me a line and see what’s in store for you!


Once again the New Zealand Skimboarding Association has put out another info packed newsletter. Full of the who, what, where’s and why’s of skimboarding in New Zealand.

Get over to the site or check out the images below of it.

Page 1 draft p page 2 draft p page 3 draft p Page 4 draft p page 5 draft p















































































































As always you can find the NZSASS on Facebook and Twitter @nzsass

Happy New Year!

Recently Matthew Lake from Lake Productions contacted me and offered to do some editing and filming for OXS.

Needless to say I was over the moon with this offer as I’ve been waiting some time for something similar to happen. Having recently met up and done some filming he was straight into his first edit for us.

We plan to do plenty of upcoming work with Lake Productions so I encourage you to get along and give him a Like on Facebook!

Check out the edit below!

Splurge Ai

Want to know what board you should choose? What it’s made of? Costs, colours and materials?

Well here’s some board charts to help you decide and get informed on your purchase! These cover everything from our $90 Gromlin all the way to $440 carbon wave skims.

There’s also so much needed information on our super hybrid board, the Flave.

We’ve very recently released out Team Model Slipeezy which all info can be found on the chart.

Full size charts can be found below by clicking the board models name!



Slipeezy Team Model





Yellow Gromlin site

I don’t like to stock with the some colours for too long as you may have noticed over the years.

I have been seshing my own Gomlin all year and have hardly put the thing down. After deciding to get back to basics with the Gromlin earlier in the year I could only compare it to catching up with an old friend. Pleasant, refreshing and more fun than I remember.

Prices on the online store have had a slight adjustment but now with free shipping nationwide all boards actually work out a couple bucks cheaper. No complaints here!

So here they are, the new colours. Same lay up, same sizes, but with a bit of a freshen up! Amazing performance from $90 pick up.

OXS has been shipping boards to Australia for some time now. I even attended the Frankston Skim comp at the start of 2011 and Skimdulgence in 2012. We have two team riders there who are both fairly handy on a skim.

Simon Leahy and Nikolas Donnelly have been under our wing since my trip to Skimdulgence.

Anyway this is about freight costs not skim trips!

Interest of late has been expressed in the Splurge and Crabba models and prices for Australia wide have been set to $500nz for carbon and $430nz for e-glass. All models delivered to your door!

Standard Slipeezy price with traction pack (or traction model) is $250nz delivered to your door, Australia wide.

This makes them very affordable once you factor in the high Australian dollar!

Any board models can be sent so you only have to enquire to and we’ll get whatever you want on it’s way to you!



After a huge amount of work, frustration, plenty of stoke and water time the New Zealand Skimboarding Association site is now live. The NZSASS is run by us here at OXS with the goal of pushing and promoting all types of skimboarding in NZ.

Take a look over the site and it is a little bit bare at the moment but that’s where your input is needs. As we’re based in Omaha we obviously are yet to explore a large portion of the country.

Please feel free to contribute as much information as you can towards this as we’re gearing up for a serious Summer!

There’s even Thursday forecasts done via the NZSASS Twitter on Thursday with a status update for everyone in tune for the weekends skimming!

Be sure to check the site here, Facebook page here, Facebook forum here, Twitter is @NZSASS, and be sure to tag any of your Intagram skim pics with #nzsass

We’ll hopefully see the return of a few events, coaching, trips, the best gear and plenty of good times!

I hope you’re ready!


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With a new Summer and season upon us it would be bloody rude to not release some new boards.

With our ever popular Slipeezy range we’re still using the same rocker and lay up. It’s been much harder to improve on this and with our utilization of Interchangeable Board Characteristics (or IBC) which very finely tunes the feel of the board for the rider.

Here is a couple of pics of the new Tractioned examples which are pricing in at $220nz with nationwide postage which actually makes them a few bucks CHEAPER than they have been in the past.

One is the standard Slipeezy lay up and the other is in Feather Flex guise. Boards are on the online store!

We have a couple more colours to release without the traction as well as our new “Team Model” coming very, very shortly!



Comments (0) sam @ 6:50 am

For all our Facebook followers you may have seen our Merch sale album. As we’ve recently taken over a screen printing set up, I decided to have a bit of a clear out.

What does that mean? It means a Sale! All items are heavily marked down and will remain there until the 1st October.

Tees $20, Hats $30, Hoods and Crews $40.

Hood+Tee $50.

Hood and Hat $55.

Tee, Hat and Hood $65.

If those prices aren’t a sweet deal then I don’t know what is. All items are somewhat limited and we should even see a few more items up at sale prices. All items are up on the store¬†but some email confirmation may be required for multiple items. Feel free to pick your own combo!

All items include nationwide postage to keep it all, hidden cost free!

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As the title suggest I’m playing a little bit if catch up with Social Networking. Having been very active on Facebook for a few years and only having an Ipod Touch in my possession I have found it’s somewhat limiting.

Anyway we’re now on

Twitter @oxsskimboards

Instagram @oxsskimboards

and as always on Facebook


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I have this $1 reserve going on this super limited Big Girl. Usually $170 so get bidding by clicking here.

Brand new . Why not?

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I’m more than pleased to announce the birth of the New Zealand Skimboarding Association (NZSASS for short). This has come about after much discussion (and frustration) with trying to get something similar organised.

The NZSASS is in it’s very start up stage but we do have a Facebook group which can be found here¬† I’m working pretty hard with this at the moment to get it all set up and running but the eventual goal (think near future not “One day” plans) is to provide a base for all skimmers in NZ, irrespective of skill levels to discuss, meet and greet, socialize and just be stoked on skimboarding!

The biggest plans for the NZSASS will be a large coaching roster laid out for next Summer which is getting planned now.

OXS is the naming sponsor for the Assn so it will showcase a bit of behind the scenes stuff, deals, and any inside information from the company. We are working quite closely with a couple other companies outside of the skim industry to make this thing pop!

As stated it’s still in very early stage but it’s all underway now so it’s going to be a very busy few months ahead! If you feel you have something to contribute (I feel you do) then fire an email to with the plans or discuss it in the group. A further Facebook page will be up shortly and we might even get as far as a website!





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Find yourself looking for a board at the moment and need traction? Well get along to Auckland’s best surf (and skate) store and get the lot.

Located right by the motorway at¬†Unit K / 121 Rosedale Rd, Albany, they are having a bit of a clearance give away. Purchase any OXS board and receive the ever popular 6 pack o’ traction… Free! That saves you $30+ on traction alone!


















Why would they do that? Because they’re top blokes! That’s why!

That’s a sweet deal, even sweeter deal than you can get from me and that’s before we get started on the cost of fuel (insert price of fuel rant here).

They also have a couple of the latest wave skim boards in stock. An E-glass Crabba in Small and Medium E-carbon Splurge just in case you can’t stop at one!































So if you’re in the Auckland region then I suggest you get along there ASAP as deals like this don’t come along very often!

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Some of you out there may have already heard of the Flave. This has become my passion project for over a year now. I’ve been through a few lay ups and a couple of rockers in order to perfect it but it’s finally here. ¬†What is “The Flave” exactly? Read on and find out!!

The Flave idea came about from looking at what the typical person skims in NZ. With not many great waveriding spots within close distances of main centres, often shelly beaches and not especially great flatland, this got me thinking.

What board suits any kind of skim you can throw at it? Not many, if any. Foam boards certainly don’t mix with shells or rocks and flatland boards don’t float very well.

So why not mix the two? Kill more than two birds with one board? And keep everyone happy!?












As you can see in the pic, the standard Flave lay up (can also be made in full foam) consists of an 8mm foam high density foam core, sandwiched between two thin plys and a formica top and bottom sheet.

This makes the board super stiff with a weight that’s between that of a flatland board and foam skim (continuing with the hybrid theme).

Performance had been very, very pleasing. Thanks to it’s full, super “nuggety” shape and nice fat, wide tail it provides more than enough planing surface (waves) while still being short enough to be super easy to whip around and suit flatland tricks.


































The standard, off the shelf Flave is available in three sizes:

S-115cm x 50.5cm (45.3″ x 19.9″)

M-118cm x 51cm (46.5″ x 20.1″)

L-122cm x 52.5cm 48″ x 20.7″)

I’ve chosen not to place a rider weight range ¬†on these boards as I’m preferring to tune it more for what style of riding it’s intended for. Larger size for the waves or smaller for the flat stuff.

I’ve mentioned the words “standard” and “off the shelf” as I’ve been experimenting with the idea of producing these in full foam lay ups. I have one Large Flave in my possession made just like a normal carbon foam skim but with the addition of a formica base. Super floaty, light and turns on a dime thanks to it’s lack of length. It’s now my favourite board in the waves!

To keep a long story/my blabbing short, the Flave is here and here to stay. All round performance suited to anywhere and anything. Set it up like a Flatland or wave board and get busy.

The options are pretty much endless with this board so if you have any questions, flick an email to and I can run through the options with you!

There’s more of a full line up of pics here.

As always, like us on Facebook.

See you at the beach!


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Chances are if you’re reading this post then you saw the word Sale!?

I’m sitting on some slightly older phase two skims that I’m needing to clear at the moment so why not let them go at almost give away prices. Hell, feel free to make an offer!

All boards are in e-glass, are brand new, include shipping throughout NZ and are priced at $200nz! All work out around half price or slightly over. There’s one flave in the mix as I’m making a small release of some new ones very, very soon!

Boards are still great so if you’re after one get in there through the store, email, phone, facebook or pick up!

Board pics are all attached with specs on the store or Facebook page.

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Finally managed to get out another little edit. Flatland clips are all from Omaha. Wave clips are of the OXS team riders in Australia. Yorke Peninsula!


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As is normal for this time of year, things have been super hectic here at OXS. Like the rest of you I’m more than due for a holiday so work on boards, orders and send outs will be put on hold from late on the 27th Dec until I’m back, late 2nd Jan.

I may be able to arrange pick ups from my home address but will not be packaging and sending anything out.

Any urgent payments can be made to the OXS Paypal (which will aid in prompt payments made over the holiday period) and I will be in contact via email so I will let anyone know what’s going on.

You can expect some great footage from this trip to the far north, we’re embarking on again.

Wishing you all a safe and Merry Chrsitmas. Eat too much, relax, enjoy the Summer and drive safe!

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Earlier in the year my attention was drawn to Australia’s greatest/longest running/ best skimboarding event, Skimdulgence. Running it’s ninth year out the Yorke Peninsula, 3-4 hours drive from Adelaide, it’s the go to event on the Australian calender.

After some discussion with several skimboarders from across the ditch I decided it was time to attend this event running from the 25th Oct – 28th. Too much tooing and froing meant slightly overpriced, non direct plane tickets but tickets are tickets and I was on my way.

After a long day getting to Adelaide I was greeted and put up for the night (the whole event really) by event organiser, Richard Ballard. An early night was in order as the next day was moving day.

Thursday greeted us with overcast skies and wind but the day was here and so was the interstate crew, who had just arrived in their shiny Thrifty bus! Food shopping was in order then we hit the road. Some strange sculptures, a bakery stop and a couple more hours on the road and we were at out very plush home away from homes for the weekend (thanks again Richie). Everyone unpacked then repacked straight for the beach. Thursday’s conditions were average but a great warm up day.

Friday was an early start and a full day at the beach. Slightly onshore and shifting wind made it a bit difficult for everyone but some great skim was had and everyone was stoked! The Marion bay tavern was the dinner stop for 20 or so hungry skimboarders and was followed by some entertaining drinking games in the SA and NZ house later that night.

Another early start on Saturday was greeted with slightly overcast skies which later burnt off. Everywhere was firing and everyone was hooting. The only serious injury of the event happened when Daniel Smith took his skimboard to the mouth and chin. One broken tooth, nine stitches and a couple of trips to the hospital later he still managed some smiles (sort of) before the event ended. Heavy conditions all day really opened my eyes to what we are lacking here in NZ. This was far better, bigger and heavier than anything I’d skimmed before. This was also the day when my ankle I dislocated a while back stopped playing the game thanks to the soft sand and long trecks.

Sunday funday. Skim conditions were perfect, the sun was shining and everyone was stoking. The level of riding in Australia is nothing but impressive. I was surprised by the overall determination of the riders, skill level and just general good vibes from everyone at the event as people ran, slid, wrapped and got shacked! Prizegiving commenced later on that evening as everyone cheered, laughed and gave shit to those deserving! The mother of all BBQ’s finished the night off for most while a select few managed to drink the houses out of all alcoholic beverages. Some even witnessed a digger bucket come in handy for one WA skimmer!

Monday was an early morning clean up and bail, back to Adelaide. Some had flights to catch, some went home, some of us even went back to the beach while they waited for their flight the next day (myself and the SA crew).

Overall it was a great trip and great eye opener. Australia’s skim scene and depth of riders is well ahead of what’s going on here in NZ, which is a shame.

Now with two team riders in Australia, Simon Leahy and Nikolas Donnelly,¬†I’m hoping we can close the gap up a bit. OXS is pumped and primed for what’s to come here, and across the ditch.

A special mention goes to Richard Ballard for getting me around and housing me for a couple nights. Thanks to all those who attended and made the trip what it was, I hope to see a few of you over here in the near future!


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Some of you may have seen us on the popular kids show, Lets Get Inventin’ the other week. A lot of you probably didn’t so here’s the¬†on demand link.

This was filmed back in April and was a blast to be part of. Skimboarding getting some small screen showing here in NZ might finally mean OXS is getting some “outside the square” recognition!

The full album via the Lets Get Inventin’ facebook page can be found here.

Enjoy and see you at the beach!


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I’ve been busy here at OXS. Winter’s been wet but not that cold, so I’ve been seshing plenty of skim, both flatland and in the waves.

A lot of my work as of late has been on the new “Splurge” and “Crabba” in all guises. Something that has been asked pretty often is “How do I prepare the Textured decks for use?” Due to the slight texture of the surface (the purpose of this is the simplicity of the finish and weight saving as less resin is used to accomplish it) some work is needed for the pads to stay stuck, long term.

Here is a run down of how to do it with the pics provided in order.

1-Buy textured deck Splurge or Crabba from OXS and get your pads ready.

2-Look very closely and you can see the texture.

3-Use a string line tip to tail to find the centre of your board.

4-Chalk string line leaves a visible mark.

5&6-Draw your tail pad and arch bar (if you’re running one) lines with pencil onto your board.

7&8-Sand till smooth with sanding block or machine. Anything from 80grit to 300 is fine.

9&10-Wipe down your area with suitable cleaning solvent. This will help you getting your best stick, possible!

11-14-Apply pads to prepped area. Be sure to press all corners down.

15-Done and dusted. Go skim!!



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Sam is featured in a story about his trip to the USA in the newest issue of Flatland Magazine.

Check out the newest issue:

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NOBSTAB or No One Brings Salad To A BBQ was meant to be a season long series of edits (link found here) following us and our antics, trips, sessions etc ……. And then we hit by far the worst weather, of any Summer, in living memory.

Not most, but every single trip we took was pretty much ruined by the rain and severe winds so the idea was compressed to just add it all into one edit.

I took a little left wing approach to it and tried to keep plenty of variety. With this out of the way (slightly late post to here) I’m onto bigger and better things. Lots of wave board work with a hopeful edit for the new season and lots of new combos, colours and refining. It’s going to be a huge season next year.

Anyway get NOBSTABbing!

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The Great Easter Excursion was the last planned trip to Great Barrier Island for OXS over the “Summer season”.

You may have noticed the quotation marks around the words “Summer season”. This is because of the four trips we have been on since late November, have all had the gloss knocked off them by the weather. This trip was no different and relied on the ferry from Sealink¬†to get to the small (or Great?) island off Aucklands North Eastern coast.

Now the original dates set were from Tuesday the 3rd – Thursday the 12th of April. Myself and Kate Rattrie were set to meet up with my friend of 20+ years, Andy Wards. Thanks to a 5m+ swell and gale force onshores, it was hardly a surprise that we didn’t land on the island until late on Good Friday after a very, very bumpy and seasick fuelled trip. Seasickness doesn’t affect myself but the same can’t be Said for Kate, half the people on the boat and even one dog!

After the first night spent in a rail fort we were straight into it. The first day was beach day. I myself know the island so the day was spent in and around the water checking out all the amazing spots the island has to offer. The next day it was time to tackle Mt Hobson, The Barriers tallest peak of 622m. Starting at sea level we ripped this back in 4 hours return (not bad when the sign where we parked said 4 hours one way). A chill time at the beach was in order for the afternoon.

Easter Monday kicked off the start of the whole purpose of the trip, to spread skimboarding. Andy and Kate were on the early afternoon ferry back home so I was left to fend for myself. I had arranged previously to do some work with the Youth Centre on the island which involved donating boards, skim coaching, stoke spreading and to further the sport to a place which doesn’t usually see much of it. On an island with a local population of approx 850 people, having 6 – 10 stoked kids for three hours a day, three days running (no pun intended), was a huge blast for me. We started off picking some boards and tractioning them up. All pretty easy except for two of the girls not being able to decide who would do the horse and who would do the unicorn!

We spent the time between Tryphena and Medlands. Located on opposite sides of the island from each other the set up was perfect. The stream located right next to the campground at Medlands is great. No shells, hard sand and you can skim it on all tides plus there is the vast shoreline skim the beach offers. Medlands also has some decent wave skim on a high tide. Tryphena is a place I could skim every day. Long, shell free pools stretch everywhere and vary in depth, position and angle (does a flatland skimboarder need anything more?) Setting up rails for first time skimboarders is always a bit touch and go. 3-4 of the kids tackled them each day and with no blood or injuries I chalked this down as a success.

The rest of my time on the island was spent in or around the water, mainly checking for wave skim. Due to the large swell running the whole time most spots were a bit washed out. A smaller swell should see Medlands, Kaitoke and Awana all fire!

Having skimmed myself stupid for almost a week it was time to head home. Thanks to a fuel truck dropping off the loading ramp in Auckland it was a great sight to see coming into the bay, although four hours late. Having picked up Sun Sea Surf as a board stockist, meeting some great kids and people along the way, I truly realised this is what OXS is here to do.

A special thanks must go to those who came along, helped organise and supported the trip. My support for the island will continue so keep your eyes peeled so some stoked groms if you’re ever planning a trip there.


Full album is here.


“That’s the island!”

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Some of you Trademe fiends may have noticed a couple of OXS $1 reserves lately (under username spunit2nd). If you haven’t then don’t sweat it, there’s more coming.

Due to it being late in the season and wanting to clear some stock I’m listing some items as $1 reserves so you’re all but guaranteed a deal. As is stands right now there’s a brand new slipeezy, E-glass wave skim¬†and even a 20ft Banshee Bungee.

I will keep this post updated with the items for sale as I plan to do a few more and will keep the OXS facebook updated with what’s hot.

Get in while this lasts as it won’t go on forever.

*Update 13/3/12  Crabba going cheap

*UPDATE 22/3/12  These will be the last $1 reserves possibly forever.

E-carbon wave skim. Super nice board. Strong, light and looks good. Brand new.

Slipeezy brand new, looks sick. Everything you can expect from a slipeezy.



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Here at OXS skimboards we like to get around as often as we can. Not the dirty get around but the travelling/exploring, get around. My personal feeling are that no skimboarders should limit themselves to skimming their home beach and home beach only. Over the past couple of years skimboarding has taken me to Nelson, the top of NZ several times, Australia, America, Canada, the middle of nowhere (more times than I care to remember) and many other places.

This is my latest travel idea and you’re invited.

The Great Easter Excursion is happening over Easter weekend (6 – 9th April) and is located on Great Barrier Island off Aucklands north eastern coast. I myself am heading over to the island on Tuesday the 3rd of April via Sealink ferries¬†and won’t be coming back to the mainland until the 12th of April. OXS will be running free skim coaching with the Youth Centre on the island for both flatland and wave skim as well as donating boards, giving product away, selling boards (hopefully), and just spreading skim stoke!

After a recent trip there (video) we found that there just so happens to be skim everywhere. The south Medlands creek was our skim base for our weather dogged weekend. ¬†Tryphena which is the biggest hub on the island also had some amazing flatland skim. Kaitoke beach near Claris is the wave skim beach (yet to completely explore all beaches) and this is where I will be spending a lot of time. The swell’s always up on the Barrier! I will be exploring every inch of beach while I’m there and google maps is indicating a huge amount of untampered skim to be had.

If this sounds like a bit of you then get in touch with me and let me know if you wish to come. I can run through the various travel options, accommodation, ways around, things to do etc. I can even book it for you. Whether you skim or not you’re more than welcome to come on a truly unique trip. Things you may find yourself doing are:






-Skimboarding (x2)



-Walking tracks

-Skimboarding (x3)

-Enjoying yourself



-Getting out of your comfort zone

-Learning tricks

-Falling on your face

-Living life!

This will more than likely be the last trip of the warm season so make the most of it. If you feel like giving a hand to teach some neat kids how to skim then let me know. Boys, girls, young, old, skimmers and non, everyone’s welcome. Get in touch





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With Summer only have just kicked in in the northern part of NZ and the official season of Summer being almost over I figured it was time for a sale. A huge sale as follows:

Official sale dates is from Thursday 23rd Feb – Wednesday 29th Feb. All on sale items will be available through the online store or by emailing with your order.

– All Slipeezy models $190 including traction pack
– Free traction pack with all Gromlin series boards (excludes S Gromlin)
– E-glass wave skims from $250 incl Sticky Johnson tail pad
– Carbon wave skims from $330 incl Sticky Johnson tail pad
– Crabbas $330 incl Sticky Johnson tail pad

– All tees and singlets $20
– All hoods and jumpers $50

– Banshee bungees $350

Sale starts Thursday the 23rd of Feb.

To get sale prices early shoot an email to with the quoted phrase “SAUSAGE DOWN A HALLWAY” and your order and get free shipping and whatever discount is on offer!

Summer is going to go through to June so I’ll see you at the beach!


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With myself hoarding footage for upcoming edits, OXS team rider Jamie Whitehouse threw out this delicious little number.

Filmed with GoPro over the last few months there’s quite a variety of shots and skim sessions. I will be getting a few edits out over the coming months.

See you at the beach.


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It seems the horribly wet Summer that seems to be dogging most of NZ is keeping the skim quiet. As usual we’ve been seshing at every chance with a lot of footage captured.

I have also been very, very busy with boards and here they are:


This is my own personal E-carbon. After months and months of messing around on prototype boards I made my own which I’m more than ¬† happy with. Using a 20mm tapered blank it floats and planes better than I imagined. Massive difference between the E-glass and E-carbon.


Looks great with a 2 tone  top and bottom. Wanting to push the custom side of wave boards as I can do a lot of colours.






Fresh Crabbas

 25mm tapered foam. Made with either skim or surf in mind due to the extra thickness. Heaps of float and loads of fun. Pretty much bulletproof.

E-glass. P1000 finish (semi gloss)

135cm x 52.5cm (53.1″ x 20.7″

Skim it or surf it it’s up to you.

$490nz with a Sticky Johnson tail pad




Another slipeezy

Bringing back the ever popular wood grain slipeezy. Wood grain top and bottom formica sheet. They do really look amazing!

Available with all the standard slipeezy goodness. Feather flex also available.

Check the online store.





The expanded Gromlin line.

Thanks to the very popular “Gromlin” I have reopened the line of boards targeted towards the beginners.

Gromlin sizes are as follows:

Small 97cm x 47cm  $90nz  up to 50kg

Medium 104cm x 49cm  $140nz  40-60kg

Large 108cm x 52cm  $150nz  60-90kg

Big girl (as pictured) 112cm x 53cm 80kg+

Am working hard to get all the colours in all sizes. Keep an eye on the online store or email sales@oxsskimboards to see what’s in stock.





Lastly I’m working on some edits at the moment and a few large projects. Am still looking for more keen stoked people to enjoy this lifestyle and sport that we all love here at OXS. If you feel you fit the bill then get in touch at




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We here at OXS enjoy Christmas. Food, beers, bbqs, beaches, bi***es and mostly skim.

Our recent Christmas shindig went down again on the 10th of December. While been partly ruined by the weather we still had a great turn out from the team and some young groms. Stoked was shared, tricks were landed (and not) and a whole heap of buzzing groms got some early Christmas presents including 5 skimboards, shirts and dvds!

The full album and video can be found here


On another note, I (Sam) along with team riders, Josh, Ben and Jamie are heading to the far north of the country to celebrate new years. Boards or any orders for that matter will not be able to be sent out from 29th December – 4th January. I apologize in advance for this but I also feel the need to celebrate this so any orders should be placed asap or you will have to endure some wait.

We will be seshing our guts out up there with rails, wave skims, bungee, surfboards and madness all coming along for the trip. We will be filming for the “No one brings salad to a BBQ” series so expect some really fresh footage from this.

Lastly from everyone here at OXS we wish you all a safe and merry festive season. Stay safe, play hard and skim harder.

See you in the new year!

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OXS is doing Christmas again. The OXS team will be at Omaha this Saturday (10th Dec) sporting plenty of Christmas cheer and giveaways.

This pic is what I have to give away this Saturday for those who come dressed for Christmas or are just plain stoked. Giveaways include stickers, clothing, dvds and boards.

Should be on the main beach from 12pm so come along and have some fun. Big feast is planned for afterwards if you make the invite list.

Check the edit from last year¬†¬†Here’s hoping the weather is is better this year!

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Great Barrier Island is located off Aucklands North eastern coast or directly out from OXS’ birthplace of Omaha. Myself and team riders, Josh and Ben Hubbard once again felt the itch to explore another spot for skim. With a few phone calls we were booked to fly out on the 25th November from Rodney Aero Club located in Kaipara flats (RAC being the cheapest of airlines for those looking to enquire).





























After a quick and bumpy flight thanks to 25 knot and building SW winds we went and picked up our Funtop (rent one!) and started exploring.















After a quick drive around we settled in at the Medlands camp ground and seshed a really, really sweet creek. No shells, clean water but lots and lots of wind (this rose to roughly 40knots on the Saturday).




































After a rough night spent in the DOC hut at Medlands campground we grabbed breakfast at Great barrier lodge in Whangaparapara then headed for the impressive Kauri dams.















After a quick vote (dam right we voted) at Fitzroy we were on out way back to Medlands to skim in what turned out in ridiculously windy conditions (40+knots). With Ben injuring himself almost straight away, Josh and Sam seshed for awhile with Josh managing to grab some film of Sam who didn’t let conditions bother him (tried not to anyway). Post skim sesh banter lead us to book into Crossroads backpackers in Claris and go spend the late evening/night drinking and eating at the Claris sports club.








We awoke feeling slightly well rested and after a breakfast of Snapper, hash browns and salad (thanks Bruce) a tour was in order before our flight. We took some photos and discovered some really nice looking wave skim which was typical as the wind had eased and we were about to get on the plane again.















If it wasn’t for the wind this would’ve have been a great skimboarding weekend. It was a great weekend though and I’d recommend it to anyone. Better still book in with OXS Skim and surf tours and I’ll do all the hard work for you.

We plan to go over for a week in early February so if this sounds like you then drop me a email as all are welcome.

Thanks to Rodney Aero Club especially Bazza, GBI rent a car, Crossroads backpackers, DOC, Claris sports club, the locals on the island and nature for making such an amazing island.

For a full album click

See you in Feb!




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Bammas surf store is now stocking boards. Located at 43 Moir St, Mangawhai.

They also have a free traction pack to giveaway with the first slipeezy sale. Get along there and check the boards out!

Comments (2) sam @ 1:39 am


















Traction packs. Have these six colours to choose from. Pick your own colours or take one of each. Super soft and grippy. Traction pieces are 30cm x 21 or the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Adhesive back so just peel and apply or get OXS to do it for you. Get creative like the board below.

$40 or $30 with a new board.

Comments (0) sam @ 7:46 am

This is the super fresh Slipeezy feather flex.











This is what you’re after if you want a top performing flatland board with reduced weight and added flex over the regular slipeezy. Super easy to get in the air and ¬†throw those all important bangers!

Laminated marine ply, formica top and bottom sheets.

Small 104cm x 49cm IBC #0
Large 106cm x 50cm IBC #0


Add one to your quiver today!

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Here at OXS we capture a hell of a lot of footage. Some of this has been used in edits, some discarded, some has never been viewed once. After some discussion with certain people and some creative thinking this is what we came up with.

“No one brings salad to a BBQ” (NOBSTAB for short) is a video series with no timelines, no set dates, no goals other than to share the stoke that we experience every time we . . . . ¬†Well do anything really. I intend to document and share a very light hearted approach to what we get up to here at OXS not just in but out of the water as well.

With so many skim edits popping up these days it’s hard to find something that excites you. This is where NOBSTAB is different. The intention with the series will not be along the normal lines of 3 minutes or so of action. Think interviews, bails, scenery, skim, surf, sand, shenanigans¬†and whatever else we find ourselves doing. We have some quite exciting trips planned over the coming months so the cameras will be rolling for NOBSTAB.

Some of you may be reading this thinking that this sounds like a bit of you? So why not get involved? We here at OXS are very open to the idea of meeting not just new skimmers but new people who love the life they’re living. If you have a group, an individual, a scene that wants to get involved or feels they have something to contribute then email with your details.

Will be dropping a teaser for it very soon so keep your BBQ hot and leave the salad at home!


Comments (0) sam @ 7:39 am

Here at OXS I pride myself in the progression of skimboarding, the good times, keeping the beach clean, nature, laughing, sharing stoke, exploring this wonderful country (and abroad), sand filled clothing, not taking yourself and life too seriously and just living life in general. In order to truly do this a solid team is needed. With some fantastic team members already at my side, OXS is looking to expand. We spend a hell of a lot of time at the beach on and off boards.

I’m making a big push with teaching kids how to skim this Summer (truly rewarding) and spreading my personal love of the beach lifestyle. If you feel you have something we can all benefit from such as your skimboarding ability, film skills, enthusiasm for life or high level of idiocy I want to talk to you. You will obviously be included when it’s time for team perks, events, road trips etc.

OXS is no longer just another board company so if this sounds like you then email Sam at with your details and some media if you have it. I’m open to new scenes and people everywhere so don’t let that put you off. Your own way around and an easy going personality is a must.

See you at the beach!

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As a carry on from last weekend myself, Ben Hubbard and Kate Rattrie loaded up the ute with Paihia the destination. Once we arrived there we picked up Powell and Whitney and made our way to a good friends house in Waipapa. We crashed there for the night and with slightly tired heads and bodies we were once again on the road, this time Tauranga bay for a hopeful early morning wave skim.








We were greeted with below average conditions but Powell and Sam managed a quick sesh and were soon on our way north, all the way north to Cape Reinga.


We spent a couple of tiring hours on the giant Te paki dunes then it was finally time to throw down some flatland. We wound up at the always beautiful Rarawa beach and were greeted by a heap of local kids. Stickers were stuck, stoke was shared and they even got a free board! As for ourselves we wound down with a camp fire and great food (sausage, baked beans and tuatuas) and some beers.



































The Sunday involved the long 4 hour drive home and another Sunday afternoon chill out on Omaha beach. Powell and Whitney have now left our company and are travelling the country until mid December (we are hoping they will be back up our war from early December to enjoy the start of Summer). If anyone would like to meet up with some really cool people and hopefully have a skim sesh or two with one of Canadas longer standing flatlanders then flick me an email and I will put you in touch.



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Just a new minute massacre filmed mainly while Chris Powell is here from Canada.


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Canadian flatland skimboarder Chris Powell and his partner Whitney Stasiewski arrived in New Zealand on the 7th of October. After my recent trip to their neck of the woods I felt it was time to return the favour and show them what NZ has to offer. Team member Ben Hubbard picked them up from the bus in Warkworth early on the Saturday morning and brought them out to my place at Omaha. We quickly showed them around and a small shoreline skim sesh went down on Omaha before we loaded the ute up and headed out to wave skim at Langs beach.








In small, fickle conditions myself and Powell managed to kill 3 and a half hours flapping about in the waves there.















With tired legs and sand filled wetsuits we took them around to see the sights and slam stickers on pretty much everything.















The following day it was time to hit Omaha estuary. Team rider Jamie Whitehouse joined us for the day and we seshed the estuary for 3 or so hours before tired legs and rash sent us packing down to Omaha beach for a clean up before the traditional Diner feast.









Full stomachs and tired legs deemed it time to go chill out . . . . . With a shotgun, an old nemo skimboard and a beer or two at Bens.















Now having experienced their first weekend here we’re taking Powell and Whitney to the top of country this coming weekend (15-16 October) and showing them around the far, far north. Flatland boards, wave skims, rails and bungees are being packed so keep an eye out for the results.





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Just released this little number to the online store!









All the same specs as the other Gromlins just a super bright red. Perfect board you children or midgets. Only $90nz

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It’s been a long, hard slog for myself this Winter. I spent a fair amount of it Checking out the American and Canadian flatland skim scene but I always had the next step for OXS in the back of my mind and here it is. Hours and hours have been spent testing these in and out of the water and with a plan to keep the testing ongoing you will no doubt see some subtle changes over time.








Currently being produced with a 18mm tapered high density foam blank. E-glass and e-carbon (a fine blend of e-glass and carbon, double carbon can be done to order) both available in 5 sizes.

In stock boards will be produced in limited colours and pee-tex finish (textured finish).

For a full price list on custom boards email

E-glass from $360nz and e-carbon from $430nz

Am after some wave skimmers to add to the team. If you think you have what it takes email with some footage and info.

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Ultimate surf shop in Albany is one of the most legit surf shops I have stumbled upon in quite some time. Lucky for them (and you) this quiver of boards will be in store from the 1st of October. Be sure to check them out.

Shop address:

  • Unit K / 121 Rosedale Rd
  • Albany
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Hello and welcome to the “relaunch” of OXS Skimboards.

I’ve had a busy Winter slaving away getting everything ready for this one particular date in mind, the 1st of October. I wanted to come into this season with a new, fresh feel to not just OXS but skimboarding. Some of you may know I spent a month during New Zealands winter in America and Canada. A month to live the skimboarders dream to just skim and chill out. I learnt alot about what to do and more importantly what not to do when it comes to running a skimboard company. I came back with more motivation than ever to get skimboarding going in this part of the world and here it is.

A new website, boards, clothing, traction, the list goes on. I will be releasing new colours and product over the coming weeks so keep your eyes out. The all new wave skims are available in small doses or custom orders for now as I get fully engrossed into pumping these out. Available in e – glass and carbon you can expect a quality board which had become familiar with OXS.

I’m excited for what’s in store this Summer. Really, really excited. Get yourself a board, come shred, share some stoke, unwind, laugh, fall, stomp tricks, smile because that’s what OXS is here for!!



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These boards are up there with my personal favourites for the season. Made for the kids (or naturally small people) up to 50kg and will come in a variety of colours. Nice and light but still made with the top quality marine ply and formica base as seen on the slipeezy. Low rocker to help with maintaining speed. Get your kids, brothers or sisters on a sick little board that will perform all for $90nz

Keeping these really fresh this season and am open to the idea of custom colours.

You may even find yourself in the right place at the right time, share some stoke and receive one for free!!

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OXS crabba

This is still a prototype at this stage. Running the same high density foam blank like all the other wave skims but ….. Fatter. This weighs in at a full 25mm tapered blank. Nice and wide full shape with the “crab” tail. Made with the intention to be able to float the rider well enough to surf it. Floats like a boat if you’re after that in your skimboard.

Will be available in 2 sizes
-132cm x 51.5cm (52′ x 20.3′)
-135cm x 52.5cm (53.1′ x 20.7′)

As it’s still a prototype the price is undisclosed for now. Email if you’re interested though.

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IBC (interchangeable board characteristics) explained.

New for this season is the IBC. For all models of the “Slipeezy” they have a composite inlay of some form inside them. This was done in the past to give the board a huge amount of strength as well as some stiffening up. The numbers associated with the IBC is 0-4 with 0 being no inlay and 4 being a carbon inlay. By default all small size slipeezys are produced with a very lightweight e-glass cloth (roll on the very left IBC#1) and the large slipeezy produced with a slightly heavier cloth (roll second from the left IBC#2).

Basically what this means for you is you can select how you want your board to behave. You want light and flexy, you’ve got it. Heavy and stiff, you can have that as well. Really, really stiff and you can select carbon (for an extra cost).

OXS can produce you a board exactly how you want it to perform. All e-glass inlays come at no extra cost although a small wait will be required if straying from the standard IBC is required.

Set up your board how you’ve wanted it for years or choose that quiver to suit all conditions!

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Bellingham is one of the better skim spots in the Washington state due to the duration of time a person can skim, plethora of skim spots and the tide pools.

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