Australian Freight Costs.

OXS has been shipping boards to Australia for some time now. I even attended the Frankston Skim comp at the start of 2011 and Skimdulgence in 2012. We have two team riders there who are both fairly handy on a skim.

Simon Leahy and Nikolas Donnelly have been under our wing since my trip to Skimdulgence.

Anyway this is about freight costs not skim trips!

Interest of late has been expressed in the Splurge and Crabba models and prices for Australia wide have been set to $500nz for carbon and $430nz for e-glass. All models delivered to your door!

Standard Slipeezy price with traction pack (or traction model) is $250nz delivered to your door, Australia wide.

This makes them very affordable once you factor in the high Australian dollar!

Any board models can be sent so you only have to enquire to and we’ll get whatever you want on it’s way to you!



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