Bringing in the new year.

It seems the horribly wet Summer that seems to be dogging most of NZ is keeping the skim quiet. As usual we’ve been seshing at every chance with a lot of footage captured.

I have also been very, very busy with boards and here they are:


This is my own personal E-carbon. After months and months of messing around on prototype boards I made my own which I’m more than   happy with. Using a 20mm tapered blank it floats and planes better than I imagined. Massive difference between the E-glass and E-carbon.


Looks great with a 2 tone  top and bottom. Wanting to push the custom side of wave boards as I can do a lot of colours.






Fresh Crabbas

 25mm tapered foam. Made with either skim or surf in mind due to the extra thickness. Heaps of float and loads of fun. Pretty much bulletproof.

E-glass. P1000 finish (semi gloss)

135cm x 52.5cm (53.1″ x 20.7″

Skim it or surf it it’s up to you.

$490nz with a Sticky Johnson tail pad




Another slipeezy

Bringing back the ever popular wood grain slipeezy. Wood grain top and bottom formica sheet. They do really look amazing!

Available with all the standard slipeezy goodness. Feather flex also available.

Check the online store.





The expanded Gromlin line.

Thanks to the very popular “Gromlin” I have reopened the line of boards targeted towards the beginners.

Gromlin sizes are as follows:

Small 97cm x 47cm  $90nz  up to 50kg

Medium 104cm x 49cm  $140nz  40-60kg

Large 108cm x 52cm  $150nz  60-90kg

Big girl (as pictured) 112cm x 53cm 80kg+

Am working hard to get all the colours in all sizes. Keep an eye on the online store or email sales@oxsskimboards to see what’s in stock.





Lastly I’m working on some edits at the moment and a few large projects. Am still looking for more keen stoked people to enjoy this lifestyle and sport that we all love here at OXS. If you feel you fit the bill then get in touch at




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