D6 Surf Skimmer Video Review

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Safety first doesn’t apply when these things come to mind.








Who ever thought these up was clever, clever knowing that people love a good gimmick and that’s exactly what a Surf Skimmer is.

Last Summer I saw one kid using one of these properly (whatever that means) and plenty of parents swinging their kid around by the handlebars. If you want to get your kid into skimming, then I suggest buying them one of these, isn’t the way to go about it. ¬†Skimboarding is dangerous enough without having handles to hold onto as you fall and a bloody hard piece of equipment to kick as you do so.








Anyway here is the video review.

On a side note for anyone looking to learn how to skim (with proper boards) then yes, we run coaching!

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See you at the beach!


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