Dial Your Own Combo Sale

For all our Facebook followers you may have seen our Merch sale album. As we’ve recently taken over a screen printing set up, I decided to have a bit of a clear out.

What does that mean? It means a Sale! All items are heavily marked down and will remain there until the 1st October.

Tees $20, Hats $30, Hoods and Crews $40.

Hood+Tee $50.

Hood and Hat $55.

Tee, Hat and Hood $65.

If those prices aren’t a sweet deal then I don’t know what is. All items are somewhat limited and we should even see a few more items up at sale prices. All items are up on the store┬ábut some email confirmation may be required for multiple items. Feel free to pick your own combo!

All items include nationwide postage to keep it all, hidden cost free!

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