Does Skimboarding Content Suck?

Right! Now that I have your attention, it’s time to get a few ideas out there!

Firstly, what is it that you guys like to see? Straight action? Information? Outstanding insights into the way the world works?








I don’t think you’ll see that last one here but I have been making a huge push over the last year and a bit to provide very regular, consistent content. Basically my attitude has been seeing it’s so difficult to get people to come skimboarding so I’ll just show them.

I’ve been through many stages and thought processes of how I want it to be viewed. How people can receive it and how I can put it out there.  As you may or may not know, I wouldn’t say I’m a terribly polished individual. The easiest way I can describe all that is, I simply want to make content that doesn’t suck!

So did that suck?

That’s basically what I want to know. The content we’re seeing is not solely skimboarding, as that is very, very difficult to put out but I feel there’s a great mix.

2 Minute noodle.Still003







This here blog will be increasing in activity from now on so stay tuned for the updates. My writing should hopefully improve too. Of course you can subscribe to both the channels. The main one which has the more highly polished edits which you can find by clicking here. Aaaand OXS TV, where we go swimming with dolphins and boring stuff like that. All the adventures are here. I would love to be making more videos with some really nice skimming in them but NZ seems to be lacking heavily in the talent department.

Hopefully will see you at the beach!

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