East Coast Bound!

Yes it’s roadtrip time! Where to? Well as it stands now it’s a BOP coast mission, around East Cape and onwards to Napier.













Or that could all be in reverse, weather depending. This is a just a bit of a warning for all those down in that part of the country.

I would love to be able to go into detail but the truth is I’m not too sure yet. This ┬áis purely a skim trip with finding some dope wave skim spots the #1. I’m basically on standby from Monday 16th to hit the road and go hunting. I will be by myself (as it currently stands) so would be more than keen to meet up with a few of you skimmers!

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More and clearer (hopefully) details will be dropped in the NZSASS newsletter this Sunday so that may answer a few questions.

If you or anyone would like to meet up, join in, or help me out in any way then please be my guest. I will be travelling with all sorts of goodies so will be hooking up any helping hands along the way.

Day 6.Still003







Stay tuned for the newsletter and feel free to subscribe to the Youtube channel to get it first!

Hopefully see you at the beach!

Day 4.Still008









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