EVENT: Christmas At The Beach

Well the Summer hype is here. That means warm water, warm weather (although it’s pretty cool at the moment).

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Kicking Summer off at Omaha December 6th. Event details are below.

This will be at Omaha Beach (our home) on the 6th of December.

This will be run just as a casual jam format with free coaching during the day. I will be available for coaching bookings.

High tide falls at 8am (yes early, so suck it up) this day which will hopefully allow for some fun wave skim up the northern end of the beach (Success Court access way from sunrise ha) followed up by a shift further south along the beach once the tide drops for a more permanent set up for the afternoon.

As we all know beach conditions will change throughout the day but we’re fingers crossed that we will have a good bank for high tide followed by some shoreline fun with the chance of tidal pools for some Flatland rail fun during the afternoon.

This day is about enjoying the beach, having some fun, plenty of skim, laughs and plenty of giveaways! We will be printing off some Christmas themed NZSASS shirts to giveaway during the day as well as a full range of demo boards from OXS Skimboards, demo surfboards from Morris Surfboards and prizes from Sticky Johnson Surf Wax.

We will also run some free coaching for those who would like some so it’s a great chance for all of those wanting to meet people in the scene and learn a few things.

Everyone’s welcome to turn up early and leave late. I’m sure we can sort some food out for those hanging around later on!

So come along and get involved, bring your friends, family, and skills! It’ll be a cracker of a day!

*Please note this is an alcohol free event. Skimboarding is somewhat dangerous at the best of times so we want to keep casualties to a minimum!

Facebook event page is here.

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