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After a very eventful (excuse the pun) Summer and Autumn as far as events go I was wanting to keep the buzz alive. Meeting a lot of you keen skimmers at events it got me to thinking about how to keep it going?

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At time of writing it is technically almost Winter so how do you keep the buzz alive? How do you keep the blood pumping and the chill at bay? Why not run an event where you can park at the spot? Cook a bbq, get changed into warm clothes as you please, control skim conditions?

This doesn’t exist I hear you ask. Well actually yes it does. The Omaha skim pit was put in the ground late 2009 and has been there ever since.

To my knowledge it is the only permanent structure of it’s kind anywhere in the world. Yeap you heard right (although I could be wrong). Having seen it’s fair share of event time over the years, it has been lying somewhat dormant for a couple of years.

Until now! June 14th, noon, Omaha skim pit. Located on the Omaha Golf Course, right by the greenkeepers shed on Omaha Drive. Turn left at the main roundabout and it’s about 500m along on your left.

We’ll have a bit of hot food for those in attendance, the usual giveaways and for something a little bit unique we will be running some board testing. We’ll test some board strength and durability through several makes of boards. That means snapping some of the cheap potatoe chip boards which will be up against our usual line up of flatland boards.

Check some old edits of the pit here

Facebook event page is here

Hopefully see a few of you there!

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