Flave! Board Breakdown.

Some of you out there may have already heard of the Flave. This has become my passion project for over a year now. I’ve been through a few lay ups and a couple of rockers in order to perfect it but it’s finally here.  What is “The Flave” exactly? Read on and find out!!

The Flave idea came about from looking at what the typical person skims in NZ. With not many great waveriding spots within close distances of main centres, often shelly beaches and not especially great flatland, this got me thinking.

What board suits any kind of skim you can throw at it? Not many, if any. Foam boards certainly don’t mix with shells or rocks and flatland boards don’t float very well.

So why not mix the two? Kill more than two birds with one board? And keep everyone happy!?












As you can see in the pic, the standard Flave lay up (can also be made in full foam) consists of an 8mm foam high density foam core, sandwiched between two thin plys and a formica top and bottom sheet.

This makes the board super stiff with a weight that’s between that of a flatland board and foam skim (continuing with the hybrid theme).

Performance had been very, very pleasing. Thanks to it’s full, super “nuggety” shape and nice fat, wide tail it provides more than enough planing surface (waves) while still being short enough to be super easy to whip around and suit flatland tricks.


































The standard, off the shelf Flave is available in three sizes:

S-115cm x 50.5cm (45.3″ x 19.9″)

M-118cm x 51cm (46.5″ x 20.1″)

L-122cm x 52.5cm 48″ x 20.7″)

I’ve chosen not to place a rider weight range  on these boards as I’m preferring to tune it more for what style of riding it’s intended for. Larger size for the waves or smaller for the flat stuff.

I’ve mentioned the words “standard” and “off the shelf” as I’ve been experimenting with the idea of producing these in full foam lay ups. I have one Large Flave in my possession made just like a normal carbon foam skim but with the addition of a formica base. Super floaty, light and turns on a dime thanks to it’s lack of length. It’s now my favourite board in the waves!

To keep a long story/my blabbing short, the Flave is here and here to stay. All round performance suited to anywhere and anything. Set it up like a Flatland or wave board and get busy.

The options are pretty much endless with this board so if you have any questions, flick an email to info@oxsskimboards.com and I can run through the options with you!

There’s more of a full line up of pics here.

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See you at the beach!


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