Great Barrier Island finest.

Great Barrier Island is located off Aucklands North eastern coast or directly out from OXS’ birthplace of Omaha. Myself and team riders, Josh and Ben Hubbard once again felt the itch to explore another spot for skim. With a few phone calls we were booked to fly out on the 25th November from Rodney Aero Club located in Kaipara flats (RAC being the cheapest of airlines for those looking to enquire).





























After a quick and bumpy flight thanks to 25 knot and building SW winds we went and picked up our Funtop (rent one!) and started exploring.















After a quick drive around we settled in at the Medlands camp ground and seshed a really, really sweet creek. No shells, clean water but lots and lots of wind (this rose to roughly 40knots on the Saturday).




































After a rough night spent in the DOC hut at Medlands campground we grabbed breakfast at Great barrier lodge in Whangaparapara then headed for the impressive Kauri dams.















After a quick vote (dam right we voted) at Fitzroy we were on out way back to Medlands to skim in what turned out in ridiculously windy conditions (40+knots). With Ben injuring himself almost straight away, Josh and Sam seshed for awhile with Josh managing to grab some film of Sam who didn’t let conditions bother him (tried not to anyway). Post skim sesh banter lead us to book into Crossroads backpackers in Claris and go spend the late evening/night drinking and eating at the Claris sports club.








We awoke feeling slightly well rested and after a breakfast of Snapper, hash browns and salad (thanks Bruce) a tour was in order before our flight. We took some photos and discovered some really nice looking wave skim which was typical as the wind had eased and we were about to get on the plane again.















If it wasn’t for the wind this would’ve have been a great skimboarding weekend. It was a great weekend though and I’d recommend it to anyone. Better still book in with OXS Skim and surf tours and I’ll do all the hard work for you.

We plan to go over for a week in early February so if this sounds like you then drop me a email as all are welcome.

Thanks to Rodney Aero Club especially Bazza, GBI rent a car, Crossroads backpackers, DOC, Claris sports club, the locals on the island and nature for making such an amazing island.

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See you in Feb!




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