How to prep a Textured deck!

I’ve been busy here at OXS. Winter’s been wet but not that cold, so I’ve been seshing plenty of skim, both flatland and in the waves.

A lot of my work as of late has been on the new “Splurge” and “Crabba” in all guises. Something that has been asked pretty often is “How do I prepare the Textured decks for use?” Due to the slight texture of the surface (the purpose of this is the simplicity of the finish and weight saving as less resin is used to accomplish it) some work is needed for the pads to stay stuck, long term.

Here is a run down of how to do it with the pics provided in order.

1-Buy textured deck Splurge or Crabba from OXS and get your pads ready.

2-Look very closely and you can see the texture.

3-Use a string line tip to tail to find the centre of your board.

4-Chalk string line leaves a visible mark.

5&6-Draw your tail pad and arch bar (if you’re running one) lines with pencil onto your board.

7&8-Sand till smooth with sanding block or machine. Anything from 80grit to 300 is fine.

9&10-Wipe down your area with suitable cleaning solvent. This will help you getting your best stick, possible!

11-14-Apply pads to prepped area. Be sure to press all corners down.

15-Done and dusted. Go skim!!



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