IBC (interchangeable board characteristics) explained.

IBC (interchangeable board characteristics) explained.

New for this season is the IBC. For all models of the “Slipeezy” they have a composite inlay of some form inside them. This was done in the past to give the board a huge amount of strength as well as some stiffening up. The numbers associated with the IBC is 0-4 with 0 being no inlay and 4 being a carbon inlay. By default all small size slipeezys are produced with a very lightweight e-glass cloth (roll on the very left IBC#1) and the large slipeezy produced with a slightly heavier cloth (roll second from the left IBC#2).

Basically what this means for you is you can select how you want your board to behave. You want light and flexy, you’ve got it. Heavy and stiff, you can have that as well. Really, really stiff and you can select carbon (for an extra cost).

OXS can produce you a board exactly how you want it to perform. All e-glass inlays come at no extra cost although a small wait will be required if straying from the standard IBC is required.

Set up your board how you’ve wanted it for years or choose that quiver to suit all conditions!

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