New Gromlins.

Yellow Gromlin site

I don’t like to stock with the some colours for too long as you may have noticed over the years.

I have been seshing my own Gomlin all year and have hardly put the thing down. After deciding to get back to basics with the Gromlin earlier in the year I could only compare it to catching up with an old friend. Pleasant, refreshing and more fun than I remember.

Prices on the online store have had a slight adjustment but now with free shipping nationwide all boards actually work out a couple bucks cheaper. No complaints here!

So here they are, the new colours. Same lay up, same sizes, but with a bit of a freshen up! Amazing performance from $90 pick up.

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  1. hello. I am wondering if your skimboards are lighter than the ones I could pick up at The Warehouse? Also, if I was to order from you, could you deliver before Christmas? I live in Auckland, New Zealand
    thank you.

    • Hi Jeanette,

      No I don’t think they are lighter but they actually work unlike the boards from the Warehouse. The best materials used though out from epoxy, marine ply, formica and high density foam. A different league.

      Orders are dispatched immediately at this time of year so feel free to visit out online store!


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