New “Season”. New Slipeezys!

With a new Summer and season upon us it would be bloody rude to not release some new boards.

With our ever popular Slipeezy range we’re still using the same rocker and lay up. It’s been much harder to improve on this and with our utilization of Interchangeable Board Characteristics (or IBC) which very finely tunes the feel of the board for the rider.

Here is a couple of pics of the new Tractioned examples which are pricing in at $220nz with nationwide postage which actually makes them a few bucks CHEAPER than they have been in the past.

One is the standard Slipeezy lay up and the other is in Feather Flex guise. Boards are on the online store!

We have a couple more colours to release without the traction as well as our new “Team Model” coming very, very shortly!



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