New Zealand Skimboarding Association.

After a huge amount of work, frustration, plenty of stoke and water time the New Zealand Skimboarding Association site is now live. The NZSASS is run by us here at OXS with the goal of pushing and promoting all types of skimboarding in NZ.

Take a look over the site and it is a little bit bare at the moment but that’s where your input is needs. As we’re based in Omaha we obviously are yet to explore a large portion of the country.

Please feel free to contribute as much information as you can towards this as we’re gearing up for a serious Summer!

There’s even Thursday forecasts done via the NZSASS Twitter on Thursday with a status update for everyone in tune for the weekends skimming!

Be sure to check the site here, Facebook page here, Facebook forum here, Twitter is @NZSASS, and be sure to tag any of your Intagram skim pics with #nzsass

We’ll hopefully see the return of a few events, coaching, trips, the best gear and plenty of good times!

I hope you’re ready!



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