New Zealand Skimboarding Association.

I’m more than pleased to announce the birth of the New Zealand Skimboarding Association (NZSASS for short). This has come about after much discussion (and frustration) with trying to get something similar organised.

The NZSASS is in it’s very start up stage but we do have a Facebook group which can be found hereĀ I’m working pretty hard with this at the moment to get it all set up and running but the eventual goal (think near future not “One day” plans) is to provide a base for all skimmers in NZ, irrespective of skill levels to discuss, meet and greet, socialize and just be stoked on skimboarding!

The biggest plans for the NZSASS will be a large coaching roster laid out for next Summer which is getting planned now.

OXS is the naming sponsor for the Assn so it will showcase a bit of behind the scenes stuff, deals, and any inside information from the company. We are working quite closely with a couple other companies outside of the skim industry to make this thing pop!

As stated it’s still in very early stage but it’s all underway now so it’s going to be a very busy few months ahead! If you feel you have something to contribute (I feel you do) then fire an email to with the plans or discuss it in the group. A further Facebook page will be up shortly and we might even get as far as a website!





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  1. Hey guys just wanted to say this looks so sick! Hopefully it all works out. I’m from Whakatane we got some sick skim waves, so many unknown breaks around, sickest area no people too. me and my mate Evandah go hard he would of sent you a comment as well. But yea we both would want to start getting in the mix of things like getting into comps just to get into the scene, so like yea if this will happen then we would be more than stocked to help out and stuff like that, keep in contact, thanks George .

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