No one brings salad to a BBQ.








Here at OXS we capture a hell of a lot of footage. Some of this has been used in edits, some discarded, some has never been viewed once. After some discussion with certain people and some creative thinking this is what we came up with.

“No one brings salad to a BBQ” (NOBSTAB for short) is a video series with no timelines, no set dates, no goals other than to share the stoke that we experience every time we . . . . ¬†Well do anything really. I intend to document and share a very light hearted approach to what we get up to here at OXS not just in but out of the water as well.

With so many skim edits popping up these days it’s hard to find something that excites you. This is where NOBSTAB is different. The intention with the series will not be along the normal lines of 3 minutes or so of action. Think interviews, bails, scenery, skim, surf, sand, shenanigans¬†and whatever else we find ourselves doing. We have some quite exciting trips planned over the coming months so the cameras will be rolling for NOBSTAB.

Some of you may be reading this thinking that this sounds like a bit of you? So why not get involved? We here at OXS are very open to the idea of meeting not just new skimmers but new people who love the life they’re living. If you have a group, an individual, a scene that wants to get involved or feels they have something to contribute then email with your details.

Will be dropping a teaser for it very soon so keep your BBQ hot and leave the salad at home!


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