Our New Years Trip In the Far North

When you think of celebrating New Years what do you think of?

Probably a festival or two with loud music? Maybe a roadtrip?

Huketere Sunset resize









What about some skimboarding mixed with surfing, spearfishing, sharks and adventures?

That is what we did and as always the cameras were rolling almost the whole time.

With some fantastic conditions experienced with Far North wave skim in recent times it sadly wasn’t a year for this but we did score some really nice flatland as seen in the massacre here.

The surf was also on the flatter side but with plenty of the Northland treats on offer we weren’t disappointed. We managed to get to Cape Reinga as well as North Cape where we had a swim with some small sharks, TePaki sand dunes and of course 90 Mile Beach! Find it all in the 10 minute wrap up below!

If you like the footage and wish to see it more in depth and as it happens then check all the daily vlogs on our Second YouTube channel OXS TV here.

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Like any trip away it was a blast and I’m already lining up the next few trips!

See you at the beach!




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