Slipeezy – The Skimboard Of The Summer

Do you like skimboards that perform well? Something you can smash rails on? Boost the shoreline? Maybe you need a board that is super durable and can take a beating?


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Then the Slipeezy is the board for you! This model was what started it all back in 2008 and with about a thousand revisions since, you get the current days product.

Forget me waffling on, just watch the video below.


Of course you can find the full line up on the online store, pick up in person or harass your local surf and skate store to stock them!

Prices start at $199 delivered nationwide.

My pick is this one

Yeloow SLip store












Find out all the clips and how they perform by browsing both our main YouTube channel and OXS TV for content as it happens!


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See you at the beach!

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