The Great Easter Excursion!













Here at OXS skimboards we like to get around as often as we can. Not the dirty get around but the travelling/exploring, get around. My personal feeling are that no skimboarders should limit themselves to skimming their home beach and home beach only. Over the past couple of years skimboarding has taken me to Nelson, the top of NZ several times, Australia, America, Canada, the middle of nowhere (more times than I care to remember) and many other places.

This is my latest travel idea and you’re invited.

The Great Easter Excursion is happening over Easter weekend (6 – 9th April) and is located on Great Barrier Island off Aucklands north eastern coast. I myself am heading over to the island on Tuesday the 3rd of April via Sealink ferries¬†and won’t be coming back to the mainland until the 12th of April. OXS will be running free skim coaching with the Youth Centre on the island for both flatland and wave skim as well as donating boards, giving product away, selling boards (hopefully), and just spreading skim stoke!

After a recent trip there (video) we found that there just so happens to be skim everywhere. The south Medlands creek was our skim base for our weather dogged weekend. ¬†Tryphena which is the biggest hub on the island also had some amazing flatland skim. Kaitoke beach near Claris is the wave skim beach (yet to completely explore all beaches) and this is where I will be spending a lot of time. The swell’s always up on the Barrier! I will be exploring every inch of beach while I’m there and google maps is indicating a huge amount of untampered skim to be had.

If this sounds like a bit of you then get in touch with me and let me know if you wish to come. I can run through the various travel options, accommodation, ways around, things to do etc. I can even book it for you. Whether you skim or not you’re more than welcome to come on a truly unique trip. Things you may find yourself doing are:






-Skimboarding (x2)



-Walking tracks

-Skimboarding (x3)

-Enjoying yourself



-Getting out of your comfort zone

-Learning tricks

-Falling on your face

-Living life!

This will more than likely be the last trip of the warm season so make the most of it. If you feel like giving a hand to teach some neat kids how to skim then let me know. Boys, girls, young, old, skimmers and non, everyone’s welcome. Get in touch





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