The new OXS has arrived!

Hello and welcome to the “relaunch” of OXS Skimboards.

I’ve had a busy Winter slaving away getting everything ready for this one particular date in mind, the 1st of October. I wanted to come into this season with a new, fresh feel to not just OXS but skimboarding. Some of you may know I spent a month during New Zealands winter in America and Canada. A month to live the skimboarders dream to just skim and chill out. I learnt alot about what to do and more importantly what not to do when it comes to running a skimboard company. I came back with more motivation than ever to get skimboarding going in this part of the world and here it is.

A new website, boards, clothing, traction, the list goes on. I will be releasing new colours and product over the coming weeks so keep your eyes out. The all new wave skims are available in small doses or custom orders for now as I get fully engrossed into pumping these out. Available in e – glass and carbon you can expect a quality board which had become familiar with OXS.

I’m excited for what’s in store this Summer. Really, really excited. Get yourself a board, come shred, share some stoke, unwind, laugh, fall, stomp tricks, smile because that’s what OXS is here for!!



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